How to write a portrait

How to write a portrait

How do I write a portrait?Use lively and sensual language.Description (appearance), quotes, personal reflections, comments and stories find shelter in the text.Written in the present tense.Write clearly and concretely.Emphasize the characteristics of the person (with quotes and anecdotes)

What ISO worth?

Use the right ISO value By default, most cameras use ISO values ​​between 100 and 200. These represent low light sensitivity and are ideal for taking photos when there is sufficient light. It becomes more difficult when the lighting conditions are no longer optimal.

Which ISO value film?

Today’s usual ISO specifications on films and digital cameras are: 0 409600 … Values ​​in italics are less common, the values ​​in bold represent the standard.

How does ISO work?

In analog photography, the ISO specification stands for the film sensitivity. The more sensitive the film, the less light is necessary. In digital cameras, ISO sensitivity refers to the sensitivity of the image sensor to light. Some recommendations for this can be found in the camera manual.

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