How to write an application for a nursing degree

How to write an application for a nursing degree

Dear Ms. Mustermann, I became aware of your job advertisement through AZUBIYO and am applying for an apprenticeship as a nurse in your company. I chose this profession because I would like to help other people with my work.

How Do I Properly Apply to Be a Nurse?

Application tips for applying as a nurse Do not use an introductory sentence. Limit yourself to the most important thing: establish a connection. Have your application proofread. Avoid box sets. Pay attention to consistency. Sign personally.

How to write a professional application

Application documents Structure: The application folder, letter of application (maximum 2 pages), cover sheet (optional, for overview) CV (maximum 3 pages), application photo (in the CV, but not mandatory) training certificates (copies, never originals!) job reference(s) (also only copies)

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