How to write an unsolicited application?

How to write an unsolicited application?

In general, the unsolicited application should be as short as possible and as long as necessary. Either you send your complete application documents consisting of a cover letter, curriculum vitae, job references, certificates, references.

Are adult children mentioned on the résumé?

Single or divorced, a child or none: Such information on marital status in the résumé is not a must for applications. Tip: only provide information if it is advantageous for applicants. This can be an advantage for a woman, for example, who already has grown-up children.

Are children mentioned on the résumé?

Formally, however, you do not have to mention children in your résumé, this information is private and is hardly ever relevant to the position. It can be different if information on marital status or children is required in the job advertisement, as is the case with religious employers.

Should I include children in my CV?

From a purely legal point of view, the situation is clear: Parents do not have to state children on their résumé, explains Michael Eckert, specialist lawyer for labor law and member of the board of the German Lawyers’ Association. Job seekers are also not obliged to express themselves in the interview without being asked.

How do I write a temporary job on my resume?

Part-time job / mini-job Name part-time or mini-jobs in your professional experience and briefly describe them if they are relevant to your job. Only mention irrelevant sideline jobs if there is a gap. For example: You are applying for a job as a hairdresser.

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