How to write quotation marks on the keyboard?

How to write quotation marks on the keyboard?

To insert a quotation mark below, hold the key [Alt] and enter 0130 on the numeric keypad. After that, leave the [Alt]- key released, the character appears.

What is literal speech?

Verbatim speech repeats what someone said or thought. Just like in the first sentence, the exclamation of Theo and Pia. Here you can see the important components of direct speech: Direct speech is always placed in quotation marks ” ” (also called double quotes): “Hooray!

When subjunctive 1 and 2 indirect speech?

The 1st person singular “ I ” in the subjunctive I agrees with the indicative, so that no difference between these two forms can be seen. Therefore, in indirect speech, the substitute forms of the subjunctive II are used, so that it is recognizable that it is indirect speech.

Which tense for indirect speech?

Indirect speech with the subjunctive I perfect. Since the subjunctive I (like the subjunctive II) has only one past tense, the past tense, the perfect tense and the pluperfect of direct speech become the subjunctive I perfect in indirect speech.

In what tense are minutes written?

generally in the present tense (present tense), but the past tense is also possible with a result protocol. The lesson or seminar protocol is a special form of protocol.

Are in the reported speech?

The subjunctive I is used in indirect speech. In reported speech, a speaker reproduces an utterance made by another speaker without repeating it verbatim. The reporter indirectly reproduces his statement “I will lower taxes.” and reports that the President will lower taxes.

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