How Well Do You Know Southern Slang

How Well Do You Know Southern Slang?

It can be daunting to encounter different accents and local slang when traveling to the south. This quiz will test your knowledge of Southern slang. To test your knowledge, there are many quizzes!

One of the most well-known phrases in the South is “y’all.” The word can mean a group of people or a single person within that group. It can also refer to “you” and “your”. In southern contexts, “y’all”, which is used to describe a group of successful people, is often used.

Another example is “too big to his britches”. This phrase means that someone’s ego is too large for their pants. Similarly, “gumption” means “courage, initiative, or spunk.” It was originally used to denote a strong sense common sense, but it evolved into its current meaning in 20th century.

Southerners have their own ways of saying things, whether it’s praise or criticism. “Bless your heart” is a common insult but can also mean something as innocent as “take your sweet time” means “take your time.” And if you’re looking for a phrase that means something very romantic or sentimental, consider the phrase “over yonder.”

An alternative expression for someone who is angry would be “madder than an wet hen.” In the South, farmers dunk hens in cold water to calm them down. This expression has become a southern slang expression of swearing. To avoid being rude, people in the South love to use euphemisms to make swear words.

Little Liver Pills was a popular patent medicine in the 19th century. These pills were widely distributed across the country. As a result, the word “little liver pill” was born. This phrase was used for many decades. In addition to that, Southern slang includes “wet hen,” which refers to a broody hen.

Southerners have a catchy phrase to describe carbonated soft drinks. Soda and pop are two common drinks in the South. Southerners refer to all soft drinks under the name “Coke.” This catch-all term came from the Atlanta-based company that created the famous soft drink.

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