Howa Precision 308 20 10rd Blk Chsis Hvy Bbl Bolt

The precision chassis rifle comes with a high-quality custom-cerakote finish and a 4-16x50mm scope mounted on a 20 MOA canted rail. It also has a 10-round magazine. Its MSRP is $1,599, and it comes range-ready right out of the box.

The American Flag Chassis rifle has a Luth-AR MBA-4 buttstock, a Hogue finger groove pistol grip, and an AR-style Cerakoted Chassis system. It works with all Howa rifles including the AA1500 and Smith & Wesson 1600 series. The Archangel AR stock comes factory mounted, fully adjustable, & designed to fit the rifleā€™s short action.

The Howa’s extractor sits directly on top of the bolt’s outboard locking lug and lifts cases from the action. The ejector also sits higher on the bolt face, pushing cases out of the action. This means that fired cases do not bounce off the windage turt and jam the receiver.

The Howa Precision 308 is a popular choice among sportsmen. It has a 20-inch threaded barrel and a #6 contour. It comes in right hand or gray/white American flag finishes and has a polymer barrel. The rifle can also be used for hunting, as it has a 10-round magazine and a 308 Winchester cartridge.

The Howa Precision 308 is compatible with AICS magazines. It also accepts Weatherby Vanguard barreled actions. It can also accommodate AICS magazines. A 16-inch forend gives shooters options when getting up. The barrel is free to move and shooters have plenty of space to mount a sling. The rifle will be held by the shooter without the use of a field support because the forend is so long. Instead, you can reach the trees in front of you.

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