Howie Roseman

Howie Roseman, GM of the Philadelphia Eagles

When Howie Roseman spotted a fan holding up a hand-drawn sign during a Philadelphia Eagles game in Houston, he turned and made his way toward the group. Immediately, the fans began chanting his name.

It wasn’t long before he walked away with a big smile on his face. It was the kind of moment that has remained etched in Roseman’s memory.

Early Life and Education

As a child, john roseman was an avid fan of the NFL. He loved tossing a football around in his backyard and hoped to one day become an NFL quarterback.

The good news is that he did eventually make it to the pros. In fact, he was recruited by former Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum, who took him under his wing and taught him everything he knew about the NFL.

He is currently an associate director at McLean Hospital and a psychiatry clinical content lead for Partners eCare, overseeing the busiest ECT service in the country (more than 10,000 ECT treatments per year). He also holds a prestigious position as a Harvard Medical School psychiatry clerkship director, helping to train medical students. The rest of his time is spent writing and speaking.

Professional Career

Roseman’s draft record isn’t perfect, but his ability to find overlooked talent outside the NFL and through free agency and trades has been a key component of the Philadelphia Eagles’ success. His 28 player trades since becoming general manager in 2010 are a reminder that Roseman isn’t afraid to move the needle in an effort to improve the team.

One of the most improbable unearthed gems of Roseman’s career is a rugby league player from Australia named Mailata. He had never played organized football until he showed up at the NFL’s International Player Pathway Program pro day. He went on to make an impact as a tackle. Roseman’s impulsive decision to trade up 17 spots in the 2021 draft for Mailata proved to be a sound one.

Achievements and Honors

John Roseman was a prolific writer in both academic and popular spheres. He edited or wrote nine academic books and eight popular and local history books, along with numerous articles.

He also was a passionate amateur radio operator, who often used his handheld device to connect with fellow radio enthusiasts around the world. Moreover, Roseman was an avid USC basketball and L.A. Clippers fan, who rarely missed a noon game or a racquetball match.

Among his other achievements, Roseman is credited with pioneering a digital walking tour of downtown L.A. that included contemporary and historic photographs and descriptions of 80 buildings, landmarks and parks. His group, the NSRG Roseman – University of Southern California, won an AADR LSRG award for its efforts.

Personal Life

In his personal life, Roseman enjoyed traveling the world, especially to surf. He was also a transportation enthusiast, commuting to USC using the Metro Lines.

He was an avid amateur radio operator, and his love for maps and the Mississippi River led him to become a geographer. He later earned a bachelor’s degree in geography from Augustana College, a master’s degree from Southern Illinois University and a doctorate from the University of Iowa.

In addition to his professional career, Roseman maintained an active artistic practice. He painted and drew portraits, nudes and landscapes. He also engaged in the performing arts, including drawing dress rehearsals and performances of opera, theatre and dancers. His drawings, portraits and paintings of the performing arts reflected a unique approach to art that combined the presence of Nature with the human figure.

Net Worth

As the current general manager of the Philadelphia Eagles, he is earning quite a lot of money. He is estimated to make over $10 million a year from his job.

As a matter of fact, Roseman used to send letters to every NFL team while he was in high school and also during his college years too. Eventually, the Philadelphia Eagles hired him as an intern in 2000.

Now, he is married to Mindy Alyse Friedman and is the father of four children. He and his wife are currently living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They got married on June 19, 2005. They are both very happy with their lives. Moreover, they are a very lucky couple. He and Mindy are very much in love with each other.

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