I can drive as fast as I want on the Autobahn.

Basically wrong! Theoretically, since there is no written speed limit, driving 350 km/h on the Autobahn is no problem. A problem arises, however, if you endanger someone else or even cause an accident due to the high speed. What is commonly referred to as “unlimited speeding” does in fact have a limit, which states that you can only drive as fast as your ability allows, or only up to a speed that you are comfortable with , still have full control of his vehicle. Another prerequisite for driving at high speeds is, of course, that the motorway is well developed and clear. The higher your own speed, the more anticipatory your driving style should be! Accordingly, one should also be very concentrated. If you cause an accident at a speed of 220 km/h, you would usually have to prove that the accident would have happened at 130 km/h. This can cause significant problems, especially with regard to insurance benefits. If you stick to the specified recommended speed of 130 km/h, you are “on the safe side”

[box type=“info“] There is no specific written speed limit on German autobahns. However, you are only allowed to drive at a maximum speed at which you still have full control over your vehicle. Ideally, you stick to the recommended speed of 130km/h, which is also more economical.[/box]

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