I can’t drive an automatic car

Many die-hard manual drivers think they can’t drive an automatic car because they never learned how. In fact, it’s very simple, even if you’ve only driven manual transmissions for many years. Because an automatic transmission is actually much easier to drive than a manual transmission. Of course, you don’t need a separate driver’s license for automatic cars. Once an automatic has driven, it usually soon becomes routine and fun to drive – assuming a reasonably powerful engine and good transmission.

How do you drive an automatic car?

A few basic tips:

  • Almost all vehicles have the following Positions for the shift knob:
    • P: Parking mode. Here the vehicle stops, even if you take your foot off the brake
    • N: idle
    • D: Normal mode for driving
    • S: Sport mode, in which the gears are extended longer (more consumption)
    • R: reverse gear
    • Important: The shift knob can only be operated when the brake is depressed.
  • You hold your foot to stand constantly on the brakes. If you release the brake, the vehicle starts to roll at low speed. (“Creeper”) Also on the mountain. Thus, with automatic, the problem of starting uphill is completely eliminated.
  • The car automatically shifts up and down while driving. You never have to worry about stalling the car.

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Classic automatic gearshift in an Audi A6 3.0 TDI (Multironic)

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