I Like Oranges Meme

I Like Oranges Meme

Most likely, you’ve seen the meme “I like oranges” floating around online. It’s a funny video that is all over social media, and many people have even gone as far as buying oranges just for the sake of posting it on their videos. There are countless videos out there of people eating oranges, making videos, and even ASMR videos. Many people credit the video as inspiration for the orange obsession, and you should definitely check it out.

TikTok makes Sumo oranges viral

The seasonal fruit is in high demand thanks to Trader Joe’s shoppers. A video of one customer persuading shoppers to buy a bag of Sumo oranges went viral on TikTok earlier this month and has now received more than 6.2 million views. The video shows a woman wearing a patterned sweater, and a surgical mask while she stands in line at the checkout.

The video, which shows a woman selling a Sumo orange, has garnered over 7.1 million views and is spawning a wave of similar videos. The Sumo orange is a cross between a California navel orange and a mandarin variety. Originating in Japan, the fruit is now available throughout the US. These videos have been viewed worldwide, but the fruit is making a comeback here in the United States.

Elizabeth Venter, a clothing designer, uploaded one of the videos to YouTube. It has been viewed over seven million times and sparked a whole conversation about the fruit. Many Sumo orange buyers have credited the video with triggering their purchase. Reports from Florida, Virginia, California have brought new converts. Many consumers are not convinced.

Although the popularity of the fruit is still rising in the Internet, the fruits are also great for your health. They are naturally sweet and can be added to smoothies and granola. You can also soak them in dark chocolate for a rich treat. If you have the time, make sure to share them with family and friends. But remember that these delicious fruits only last for two weeks.


You’ve probably seen I like oranges meme videos – they’re fun, simple, and not offensive. These videos are also very kid-friendly because everyone knows they are watching a talking orange! Here are some reasons to be sceptical. They’re pure fun! Unlike some other funny videos that make you think you’re watching an intense TV show. If you’re looking for something lighthearted but still full of hilarious humor, try I Like Oranges!

These videos are also very popular with consumers. One video, by a Trader Joe’s shopper, has nearly 6.2 million views. The video features a woman with long gray hair and a patterned sweater. She’s making animated conversation with fellow shoppers while standing in the checkout line. Although her facial expression is the most funny part of the video it may not be the best idea for you day. What does she think?

First, it’s hilarious to see the reaction of the biracial chef to the “popcorn salami” video. Apparently, she had no idea her video would become viral. Although many people find the “popcorn-salad” video hilarious, it is important to note that the video was not intended for virality. Instead, Yeh is biracial and didn’t intend for it to be so successful.

A third way to share an I like oranges meme video is to embed it in your website. It will make it more fun for your audience to watch! You can also schedule your videos to be used as future content if you use a content management tool. You can even download them as high-quality MP4s and post them on social media. These videos are sure to make you a hit! There are several ways to share your meme videos via social media.


The “I like oranges” meme has become quite the internet phenomenon. It spread quickly online, thanks to Trader Joe’s shoppers. One such video has been viewed over six million times. It features a woman wearing a patterned sweater and long gray hair. She is seen talking animatedly with other shoppers while wearing a surgical mask. We can relate to her hilarious sidekick and the woman’s reaction to this video.


If you love oranges, you probably know all about the origins of this fruit. The mandarin orange was first discovered in northeast India. Its species spread to North America, Europe, North Africa and Australia. The citrus fruit was first eaten in Australia and China around 30,000 BC. Many believe it traveled by seafarers or floating in the Pacific Ocean to China. Citrus fruits then spread throughout the Mediterranean, Central Asia, and West Asia, and eventually reached East Africa.

One theory is that Orang is a froont created in the Surreal Memes universe. Its full name is Orang Min, and it is the most well-known froont. Its trustworthiness rating is low, and some people believe he is a deuteragonist or even a tritagonist. He does look similar to an orange, even though they are different in color and shape.

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