I Wanna Chug You Like A Danimal

I Wanna Chug You Like a Danimal

A CM Skits song called “I Wanna Chug You Like a Danimal” is currently topping the charts. It has become a viral sensation after Leviathan, a YouTube content creator, wrote a longer version of the song. In late 2018, he posted it to Soundcloud, and it’s quickly gotten millions of views. Now, people are chiming in on the song, adding their comments.

CM Skits song chug jug

CM Skits’ Chug Jug With You is a fun, Fortnite-themed parody song that first came to prominence in 2018. It features a C-major chorus that was sampled by a YouTube user named CMSkits. Leviathan also remixed the song in early 2022. Leviathan posted a parody of CM Skits’ autotune-heavy song “American Boy”, to YouTube.

The song is a parody of a CM Skits video from a Fortnite game. Leviathan, a teen, created the song. He adapted the chorus of a Fortnite parody, “Let’s Play Fortnite !!!””. and added his own verses. While Leviathan credited the CM skits in his YouTube video, he claims that some parts of the song were cut due to a copyright claim. However, Leviathan says that he heard the complete song on SoundCloud, which he credited in his music video.

The song went viral on social media, and it has been viewed over three million times in just two years. It’s also been uploaded to Discord, which proves that even prepubescent children can make hit videos. While it may be hard to criticize the singer’s vocals, the video is extremely adorable. YouTube’s Chug Jug with You is a huge hit and is now mainstream.

In recent months, Leviathan, a YouTube content creator, wrote a fuller version of the CM Skits song “Chug Jug With You”. He recorded the lyrics in his bedroom and posted them on Soundcloud. Although the song has not become a top-selling hit, it has gained millions of views. The video has also become an internet sensation and people chant “Chug!” Chug! Chug!” At others.

Although Chug Jug With You was first released in Fortnite it has had a long and colorful life before it became a big hit on TikTok. In fact, the song has a long and colorful history. It was uploaded to YouTube by a YouTube user who has over 2.4 million subscribers in the summer 2018. However, it wasn’t until November of last year that the song gained worldwide recognition.

The lyrics of the CM Skits song have become an internet sensation, attracting a staggering three million views since the video was uploaded. The song was written by Leviathan, a 13-year-old singer from Australia, who double-tracked the vocals and added full lyrics. Leviathan’s original song gained over 100 thousand listens on SoundCloud before being uploaded to YouTube. Slowly, the video gained popularity until it was uploaded on YouTube. Leviathan’s video gained 80,000 views and subsequently went viral, gaining international attention. CM Skits, in turn, contacted Leviathan to make the song into a video.


If you have played any video games recently, you will likely have heard the song “Chug Jug with You” from CM Skits. It’s funny and satirical and it’s easy to see why danimals have become so popular. They are fun and catchy. Here’s how it happened.

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