Icy windscreen: It’s better to spray than scratch!

sonaxThings have been slowly but surely starting up again for a few days now: the winter season for drivers is beginning and with it everyone who parks their car outdoors will have a problem for the next few months: Frost and iced windows. While some old cars (with unkempt rubbers) like to freeze all the doors, frozen windows are probably the biggest annoyance for most drivers.

Of course, you can scratch them off very quickly, but that’s actually no longer up-to-date and will certainly hurt many a car care worker: Frequently scraping off the windows can cause small, light scratches in the glass. In summer, when the sun is strong, these cannot be overlooked.

Therefore, in recent years it has become more and more common to use de-icer sprays. The spray is sprayed onto the entire windshield with about 10 sprays. After about 10-20 seconds, the layer of ice turns into water and can simply be wiped away with the wiper.

De-icer sprays offer the following advantages over the scratch method:

  • The glass is protected: no scratches can occur
  • The windscreen wipers are protected: They wipe over the completely de-iced windscreen, leaving no ice residue as when scratching
  • The hands stay mostly warm when spraying
  • You don’t need any strength to scratch

Attention: There are different types of deicer sprays. It should be noted that only those sprays work really effectively that work like a window cleaning spray: A pump bottle (here from Amazon) that sprays a lot of liquid de-icer onto the window with each spray. Sprays that only emit a fine mist like deodorant or hairspray usually work poorly and very slowly!

At Aldi, a de-icer spray (1 liter) costs about 2 euros, Sonax products are available from 5 euros / liter and, in addition to the de-icer effect, ensure clearer windows and protect more against re-icing. At gas stations, the de-icer sprays are usually completely overpriced!

Scratch with an electric ice scraper

For very thick layers of ice you can try a kind of tiller: Here we tested an electric ice scraper from Kärcher, which also eats through thick layers of ice on the windscreen! It costs €44 on Amazon.


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