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Ideas for an unforgettable excursion

As soon as spring is right here, you get the thought: Yes, now it’s time to spend many hours outdoors! That’s true in any case! If you lived in a house in the country, you could enjoy nature there all the time. You could also organize garden parties, picnics or trips for family and friends. How can a fun picnic be prepared and run pleasantly and happily?

While grilling

The popular barbecue is affordable and allows us to enjoy delicious, freshly prepared food in a great atmosphere. Today’s barbecue grills are no longer costly because they come in many varieties. You could grill a lot of products on it – from corn on the cob to apples! Invite your friends to a barbecue party and prove your skills!

Outdoor event garden whim

Put the drinks in the freezer before the trip so that they are comfortably cool

Hold barbecue grill party roast shashlik

Heat up the grill on the summer evening and roast meat and vegetables on it – a trip to the countryside

Homemade lemonade

This summer thirst quencher is easy to make yourself. Even with more water than lemon juice, you can mix lemon and lime pieces with mint leaves in a large pot and have a refreshing drink ready. Put on camping cutlery and enjoy your time out in the sun without worries.

Make a refreshing drink yourself summery

Refreshing, delicious, homemade drinks will amaze your guests

Pillar candles and pleasant music

Imagine you are a party organizer. What accessories would you choose? The pillar candles with their enchanting aromas would, for example, be a great addition to a nature excursion. Also, get hold of music based on your personal taste and you won’t want to go home again.

culinary enjoyment picnic outdoors

Culinary feast: baguettes, sweet fruit and a bottle of wine are part of a romantic getaway for two

Picnic garden camping blanket folding chair

What would you need on a summer day besides fresh fruit, refreshing drinks and the shade of a tree

A relaxed barbecue party for children

An outdoor birthday party would delight any child enormously. Pre-planning may take a bit of time: the place, the journey there, the guest list and the appropriate day must be well thought out and precisely determined. That’s why you often meet in the park: the adults like to take care of the barbecue, while the children have fun playing in the sun. In addition to the delicious steak, you should plan enough vegetables for vegetarians.

Excursion idea fresh lemonade homemade

Lockable bowls, camping cutlery, cups, napkins and baskets are part of a successful picnic

Design idea picnic table decoration colorful

Enjoyable food in the fresh air as a fun change from stressful everyday life

Enjoy the warm weather and beautiful nature in your own garden

If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you can get the most out of every sunny day. When flowers, bushes and green meadows are in full bloom, it’s easy to watch them grow. Do you have fruit trees in the garden? With a wicker basket in hand, you collect the apple harvest in autumn.

Nature excursion leisure activity spring summer

Experience the first rays of spring sunshine close to nature on an excursion

Garden wood bench apple harvest wicker basket

At the beginning of autumn, collect the fallen apples from the tree

Excursion retro style checkered picnic blanket

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