Ideas for concrete floors or a clever alternative to the usual floor design

Before we start with today’s topic, let’s be honest: The wooden floor is the absolute classic when it comes to floor design. I guess everyone knows that. It is precisely for this reason that we want to look at other options for the floor in our own home. That is why we want to draw your attention to great and very trendy ideas for concrete floors. This can be seen as a clever alternative to the usual floor design and can only be inspired by it.

Ideen für Betonboden sauberes und modernes Kücheninterieur

A clean and modern kitchen interior, where the concrete floor is the absolute highlight in the room.

What comes to mind when you think about ideas for concrete flooring? You are sure to combine a cool gray floor with the industrial style at home that has become so popular and super trendy. And you are undoubtedly right to do so. Because wherever this style prevails, you also opt for concrete floors. But you will soon find out why that is so.

Ideen für Betonboden offenes Raumkonzept moderne Fußbodengestaltung

Our ideas for concrete floors are excellent in any ambience in industrial style.

  • Ideas for concrete floors: What are the advantages of a cool floor design?

The concrete floor is one of the most typical features of any industrial style interior. When converting or renovating old apartments, it is preferred over various other options in many cases. It is undoubtedly a natural material and represents a sustainable and world-friendly solution for the home. In addition, the concrete floor is characterized by its enormous abrasion resistance and durability. It has a robust look, which perfectly complements the industrial interior design. Furthermore, the concrete floor is easy to care for, its smooth surface is easy to clean, just with a washcloth and the appropriate lye. No mites, parasites or insects can develop there, which guarantees a healthy living environment. And if you get easily cold feet in late autumn or winter, we recommend combining the concrete floor with underfloor heating. Then you can fully enjoy your ambience in industrial style even in the cold seasons.

Ideen für Betonboden kombiniert mit Fußbodenheizung

No more cold feet when you combine concrete floors with underfloor heating at home.

  • Concrete floor can easily be combined with other materials

In terms of room design, the concrete floor also offers great design options. The robust, mostly gray surface can be perfectly paired with other natural materials. Stone, wood, metal and glass come into question here. A stone wall goes wonderfully with a concrete floor. It can also be perfectly combined with furniture made of solid wood. An excellent color duo is created between gray room walls and the cool floor design in industrial style. In order to be more comfortable in such an ambience, you can sit on a colored carpet or colorful seat cushions. These give the interior the finishing touches and make it look rather comfortable and cozy rather than robust.

You can now admire these and many other ideas for concrete floors in our picture gallery. We hope you enjoy browsing!

Ideen für Betonboden kombiniert mit Stein Holz Metall und Glaswand robuster und trendiger Look

Stone, wood, metal and glass complete the robust look of the concrete floor.

Ideen für Betonboden graue Wände grauer Betonboden im Schlafzimmer in Industrial Style

Ideas for concrete floor gray walls gray concrete floor in the bedroom in industrial style

Ideen für Betonboden tolle Kombination mit Ledersessel Wandbild Teppich Zimmerpflanze

You can also allow yourself colored accents, right?

Ideen für Betonboden Küche im Landhausstil helles Holz dominiert

In this country-style kitchen, light natural wood dominates.

Modernes Wohnzimmer Ideen für Betonboden runder Teppich grüne Zimmerpflanze Sofa Naturfarben

An appealing living room design in industrial style, where the natural colors predominate.

große Küche Ideen für Betonboden weiße Fliesen Küchenrückwand

Beautifully designed modern kitchen with a concrete floor looks enormous.

Ideen für Betonboden Glaswand als Raumteiler Küche Wohnzimmerbereich

A glass wall serves as a room divider and separates the modern kitchen from the living room area.

Ideen für Betonboden überdachte Veranda Steinwand Kamin Esstisch Stühle

The concrete floor fits into any ambience.

Ideen für Betonboden drinnen im Wohnzimmer sehr schick und trendy

Whether inside or outside, it looks super chic and trendy.

Ideen für Betonboden Küche

Ideen für Betonboden grau schwarzes Interieur

Ideen für Betonboden Wohnzimmer

Ideen für Betonboden modernes Raumdesign

Ideen für Betonboden

Ideen für Betonboden grau weiß Holz Sessel Sofa

Ideen für Betonboden schickes Interieur in Industrial Style

Ideen für Betonboden sehr ansprechendes Interieur natürliche Farben

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