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Ideas for furnishing the kitchen in a modern style

The kitchen plays a particularly important role in the household. This is the place that exudes the strongest feeling of warmth and cosiness, because there it smells of delicious dishes and the memories of times spent with our loved ones are vivid. See for yourself what the trends are in modern kitchens.

Wood Kitchen Modern Ideas-beautiful modern kitchens

Modern ideas for kitchen design

Color design for the modern kitchen

The color scheme is in line with general trends in furnishing the house. The most current color for the kitchen this season is white. The duo of black and white has many fans, but is outdone in the kitchen by colors such as deep red or purple. The kitchen in neutral colors is trendy in the interior design, the color beige enjoys a special privilege.

The design, organization and furnishing of the modern kitchen are united for one common goal – to gather the whole family together. That is why at the moment the variant after a large and spacious kitchen is the most widespread. In the center of this kitchen is a cooking island, around which there are stacked chairs (bar stools).

Another popular idea is to connect the kitchen to the living room or dining room with the help of a room divider. On the one hand, the lack of a wall or door between the rooms creates an image of the wider apartment, on the other hand, the furnishings in both rooms must match. For a smaller apartment, the fitted kitchen is preferred, if possible in lighter colors for more space. In this case, a few vintage home accessories are allowed in the design.

Kitchens Eat-in kitchens modern - beautiful modern kitchens

Open floor plan – kitchen and living area in one

Even the kitchen corner is making a comeback – it’s not as cluttered as before, but big enough for the whole family. So that the kitchen corner becomes your favorite place in the room, the furniture colors should contrast with the wall colors in the kitchen.

Modern kitchen wood veneer - beautiful modern kitchens

Modern kitchen – enormous kitchen island and lots of wood in this stylishly designed kitchen

A part of the modern kitchen are also the open shelves, on which there is table setting. This trend is not particularly practical for household reasons, as glasses and dishes can easily collect dust if they are not used and washed on a daily basis. The designers have therefore found another solution, namely the so-called G-shape kitchen, the subdivision of which offers additional space.

Modern kitchen Beautiful, high-gloss modern kitchens

Modern, high-gloss kitchen

Modern kitchen in white-beautiful modern kitchens

Modern kitchen in white

Modern white kitchen-beautiful modern kitchens

Modern white kitchen

Modern kitchen U-shape beautiful modern kitchens

Modern U-shaped kitchen

Modern kitchen rustic elements-beautiful modern kitchens (3)

Modern kitchen with rustic elements


Modern kitchen with island

Modern kitchen with countertop-beautiful modern kitchens

Modern kitchen with ready, practical worktops

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