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Ideas for the perfect bathroom furnishings

In numerous magazines and catalogs, we admire brilliant pictures of perfect bathroom furnishings and fittings every day. We can all dream a little of the perfect bathroom, but only a few can really afford it. You certainly want to renovate your old bathroom, don’t you? Or do you want to design a new one so that it corresponds to the best design trends for years? To be honest, both tasks are not easy. Because in front of the rich selection of the perfect bathroom furniture you can at least feel confused or overwhelmed. We can help you with a few practical tips so that we can pave the way for the perfect bathroom at home.


Does your perfect bathroom look the same?

The first step to a successful bathroom design is good planning. Take a look at the empty space and plan the locations for the necessary bathroom equipment. Be sure to design a color concept that best meets your ideas and wishes. Do not forget that even a small bathroom can be designed in a modern and eye-catching way. If you want to visually enlarge the room, then rely on light-colored floor and wall tiles. Nobody can imagine a modern bathroom without tiles today, so think about in advance what type of bathroom design you want with tiles.

Many homeowners choose a light brown shade and combine this with dark brown spots of color here and there. Others opt for the classic black and white color duo, which never goes out of style. And it is already well known that gray is the new black. Many people therefore want to design their bathroom in shades of gray. In specialist shops you will find a wide range of tiles, single or multi-colored, in wood or stone optics. For this reason, you have many design options, you just have to give free rein to your creativity and imagination.

living-ideas-tiles-bathroom furniture

Floor tiles with a wood look fit perfectly into this bathroom!

After good planning and the right color concept for your perfect bathroom, the very practical steps in your bathroom design follow. What do you really want there? If you already have a guide to your bathroom interior design, this shouldn’t be particularly difficult. Do you want a free-standing bathtub there or do you prefer a walk-in shower? Both variants are excellent, very trendy and very well done. And if you had enough bathroom space, you could afford both. A toilet and a chic washbasin are of course also part of the basics in the bathroom. Only then can you think of interesting but practical bathroom accessories and choose the bathroom fittings.

Regardless of whether your bathroom is light brown, light gray or another color, it needs some highlights in metallic gloss, which is why you should consider brass fittings. Built-in ceiling lighting is also a very successful solution or maybe you would rather have a few modern wall lights? And don’t forget the wall mirror or mirrors, because they make your bathroom appear much larger.

Browse through our picture gallery and be inspired to design your comfortable and trendy oasis of wellbeing at home!


Your perfect bathroom should be spacious and practical, with a warm and stylish look


The color duo black and white never goes out of style


An elegant vanity is a must in the modern bathroom


A walk-in shower is a trendy solution


With good planning and the right color concept, you can go step by step to the perfect bathroom


This panoramic view is breathtaking! Even the bathroom, actually!


Modern washbasin with practical washbasin rounds off the look in the perfect bathroom

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