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Ikea Besta – functionality and aesthetics in one

We are constantly flooded with new and tempting offers of furniture and home accessories from advertising. In this real jumble you sometimes feel lost and wonder how you can best furnish and design your own home. We have the answer: rely on what you like! And consider the practicality of your furniture. But don’t forget, they help us create a cozy atmosphere at home. In terms of practical interior design, we want to help you with a few creative design ideas and show you how functionality can be reconciled with aesthetics in your own four walls.

ikea besta shelf

Functionality and aesthetics are very important to Ikea

There are furniture companies that do not need any advertising at all, because their name itself stands for high quality and customer friendliness. A good example of this is the Swedish furniture company Ikea, which is known worldwide and is enjoying increasing popularity. Logically, the question arises as to what is the reason for this popularity among customers of different age groups and with different social statuses. And the answer to that is very simple: Ikea furniture and home accessories are always very practical, convertible and adaptable and look great. So that you can see it for yourself, we would now like to introduce you to the Besta storage system from Ikea.

Ikea Besta sideboard

Ikea Besta offers you an elegant sideboard with plenty of storage space

The storage system Ikea Besta was designed to meet the needs of numerous customers for more storage space. It is well known that in almost every household the storage options are often insufficient. That is why Ikea now offers you clever solutions for more order and clarity in every room. From the individual units of the Besta system, you can assemble a TV wall yourself in the living room, an attractive sideboard for the dining room or sideboards for any other room.

Ikea Besta shelf Scandinavian and minimalist deco ideas

Strikingly beautiful: Ikea Besta – very practical and cleverly designed….

The individual pieces of furniture can be positioned on the floor or brought directly to the wall. Either way, they look good, but you can decide for yourself which variant will work better in your interior. The freedom of the furniture arrangement gives you a lot of freedom, so that you can design your room individually. The Besta Ikea furniture can be combined very well with your existing pieces so that they form a harmonious whole. If you want to give your Ikea Besta storage system a personal touch, you can opt for different fronts or showcases. In this way you create a unique piece of furniture and you can be sure that no one in the world has the same piece of furniture as you!

Is that what you want when furnishing and designing your own four walls?

Ikea Besta furniture systems

Ikea Besta – Good storage option with plenty of storage space

Ikea Besta living room

Everything finds its place in, on or with the Ikea Besta shelf

Besta Closet Sideboards Ikea Living Room Furniture

As a sideboard in the living room ……

ikea besta shelf storage system ideas

…. or as a wall unit in the dining room, Ikea Besta looks great!

IKEA wall unit BESTÅ

Illuminate the Ikea Besta hanging shelf and put it in the limelight!

Ikea living room furniture

You can assemble and position the individual units according to your design concept and thus create a unique piece

Ikea Besta Furniture Kitchen and Living Room Furnishing Ideas

With the lowboard from Ikea Besta you can separate individual areas in the living room from each other.

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