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Ikea reveals: 20 great interior design ideas

The Swedish company always surprises with modern, attractive interior design. The furniture that we all know is functional, original and can be arranged in numerous creative variations.

You will also find impressive examples of living with Ikea furniture:

For the (home) office

Order at the common work table-Ikea office desk

Order at the common work table

For the work office or your home office, there are these stunning white tables in a minimalist style. The triple charging station can charge several smartphones at the same time and the cables remain well hidden.

Color contrasts in the home office Ikea table tops work lights

Color contrasts in the home office

A wonderful table and a work lamp – what more do you need? This great facility makes us think of creative working hours. Glass showcases are stylish accessories. The swivel chair in a modern color adds a playful touch.

Rattan armchair with lambskin imitation Ikea seating home office hobby

Rattan armchair with imitation lambskin

A small work area is designed here on the basis of a rattan armchair: the natural material is light and at the same time robust. The diverse furniture ensures a pleasant look and because of the lambskin laminate – a cozy feel.

For the living room:

Ikea kitchen furniture wood white shelves coffee table bookcase

Traditional Ikea kitchen in white

The shelving systems from Ikea can be used in any way: they look great in the living room and kitchen and meet individual needs with sufficient storage space. As you can see, the different shelf module systems can be easily combined with one another.

ikea furniture side table interior design ideas for living room

Ikea furniture for the living room

The high bookshelf also serves as an optical room divider.

For the bedroom:

Bed frame with drawers-Ikea bed wood bedroom

Bed frame with drawers Ikea

For the bedroom there is a wooden frame with 4 drawers for extra storage space under the bed. The pine wood with its expressive wood grain creates a natural look.

Modern bedroom with wardrobe-Ikea bedroom bed white gray

Modern bedroom with wardrobe in Ikea design

The dream of many women: to have a walk-in closet. This can be arranged with little effort and with the help of clothes rails behind the bed. Voilà!

For the kitchen:

Ikea furniture wood side table ideas kitchen island

Ikea furniture – a great idea for the kitchen island

The wooden table from Ikea can be used wonderfully as a cooking island. Practical and multifunctional!

Dining room in varied colors-Ikea shelf chair dining table

Dining room in a variety of colors from Ikea

These black shelves create comfort and functionality in the dining room. They can be easily combined with the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. The white chair with a rounded backrest looks extremely classic in the Scandinavian style.

Ideas nursery baby room baby Ikea

Ideas for the baby room

Wall shelf and cabinet in white Ikea children's room

Ikea wall shelf and cabinet in white

There is a wide range of furniture in the entire color palette for the children’s room. The simple lines of the Scandinavian style have been retained.

ikea bathroom furniture wooden laundry basket

Laundry basket Ikea

ikea bathroom furniture design showcase wood

Designer bathroom furniture Ikea

Great wooden shelves are offered for the bathroom, which ensure clear storage space there.

With Ikea furniture, great designs can be created in your own living space, as the simple shapes and the black and white duo allow any design.

Ikea Modern Home Living

Living in the Ikea style

Low key colors-Ikea living room sofa end table

You can find restrained colors on the furniture at Ikea

ikea kitchen furniture shelves cabinets laundry room

Ikea kitchen furniture – simple but very practical shelves

ikea furniture side table furnishing ideas

Ikea side table

Ikea-furniture-ideas-recycled-wood-dresser-living room

Ikea Design – Do you need a dresser for the living room?

Ikea furniture design ideas shelves kids room

Ikea furniture – furnishing ideas for the nursery

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