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Imaginative ideas for Halloween decorations in purple

Halloween has become so firmly anchored in our everyday life at the end of October that it is impossible to imagine life without it. Although the festival of horror is often denied and frowned upon, it always finds new followers. Most people take it as a good occasion to dress up differently and have fun doing it. That’s why you get great Halloween costumes and want to look like a witch, evil spirit or ghost. For the same reason you decorate the four walls, the house entrance and the garden so that they look scary. We know that young and old are impatiently waiting for the horror festival and are thinking of new tricks for “trick or treating”. That’s why we want to give you new tips for the Horror Fest today. Today we share with you enchanting ideas for Halloween decorations in purple. These are so imaginatively thought out that they will hardly leave you indifferent. The horror festival is coming in a week!

Great Halloween decoration in purple that welcomes your guests at the front door.

Halloween Deko in Lila Halloween Kranz in Lila beleuchtet gruselige Elemente Fledermause schwarze Katze Aste

A purple pumpkin can look really stylish rather than scary.

Halloween Deko in Lila ein schick dekorierter lila Kurbis mit schwarzem Schmuck beleuchtet toller Blickfang

You can enrich your Halloween decoration in purple with black

Purple is a beautiful color that hides something dramatic in itself. But if you combine them with black, you get a unique color duo. Purple and black look incredibly mysterious and look very stylish together. They also stimulate the imagination so that everyone can imagine something mystical. Could you think of something better for your purple Halloween decoration? Barely! Get a purple wreath, for example, and use it to decorate your front door or living room window. Decorate the wreath with black branches and bats to add to the creepy feeling! A black cat can nicely round off this scary but stylish decoration, as you can see in the first photo above.

Every Halloween decoration in purple and black looks mystical, don’t you think?

Halloween Deko in Lila und Schwarz Kerzenstander brennende Kerzen wirken mystisch

Even the candles can exude a creepy feeling.

Halloween Deko in Lila drei lila Kerzenstander weise Kerzen mit gruseligen Elementen geschmuckt

We would be happy to show you attractive craft ideas for your Halloween decoration in purple that are easy to replicate. For example, every craft enthusiast can make a garland themselves, which consists of purple spider web, black spiders and bats. Hang this fearsome garland on the wall and arrange purple pumpkins and a black cauldron underneath. Your creepy decoration for indoors is ready! Below are several more inspiring examples that look stylish and terrifying at the same time.

The perfect wall decoration for the horror party.

Halloween Deko in Lila perfekte Wanddekoration Girlande Spinnennest Spinnen Fledermause

It’s easy to do, but it has a wow factor!

Halloween Deko in Lila Wanddekoration leicht nachzumachen schwarzer Rabe Wow Effekt

An effective Halloween decoration with a black spider, white pumpkins and artificial flowers in different shades of purple.

Halloween Deko in Lila effektvoller Tischschmuck schwarze Spinne weise Kurbisse Kunstblumen in verschiedenen lila Nuancen

Chic arranged side table in purple and black!

Halloween Deko in Lila Beistelltisch Girlande kerzen hexenkessel Kurbisse in Lila und Schwarz

Halloween Deko in Lila Kaminsims geschmuckt Esstisch mit lila Kurbissen dekoriert effektvoll

Decorating the fireplace scary is a must.

Halloween Deko in Lila den Kamin gruselig dekorieren Hexenbeine in Lila

Halloween decoration in purple for your scary party at home

You can also design your party decoration for the horror festival in purple and black. We promise you, you can’t go wrong with either color on October 31st. The festival is supposed to be scary, but also fun, isn’t it? That is why you should mainly choose purple accessories for your party, for example purple candles and candle holders. The dishes can also be either purple or black. Buy purple food coloring and use it to create various purple Halloween treats. You can prepare scary-looking, but good-tasting drinks and again offer your party guests candy canes in purple and white and funny muffins in the familiar color duo. For the most talented culinary fans among you, we also show a photo with a unique Halloween cake that will add the finishing touch to your spooky party!

That can be the icing on the cake of your stylish Halloween decoration in purple! A true masterpiece of culinary art!

Halloween Deko in Lila einmalige Torte zum Gruselfest zubereiten kleines lila Haus schwarze Spinnen Spinnennest ein Meisterwerk der kulinarischen Kunst

Which witch mixed this poisonous drink?

Halloween Deko in Lila ein hexenkessen giftiges Getrank darin

Various purple-colored sweets and drinks are sure to spice up the festive atmosphere.

Halloween Deko in Lila schon aussehende lilafarbene Muffins schaffen eine lockere Partyatmosphare

Don’t these purple treats look tempting?

Halloween Deko in Lila Beistelltisch Hexenkessel Leckereien in Lila Zuckerstabchen Kugeln

Arrange the table again in the colors purple and black and you will immediately notice the visual effect of it. But also your guests! A black tablecloth and a purple table grinder are great ideas for your purple Halloween decoration. Then put purple-colored dishes, vases with artificial purple flowers or feathers, candles and other accessories in purple and black on the table. Do not forget to integrate some purple pumpkins into your Halloween decoration, because these are always the focus of everyone’s attention during the horror festival.

Pumpkins are traditionally at the center of every creepy decoration. A purple-black skeleton next to it immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

Halloween Deko in Lila orangefarbene Kurbisse ein lila schwarzes Skelett daneben

Halloween Deko in Lila dekorierte Weinflasche mit Teelicht schwarze Fledermause Spinnen zwei Kurbisse daneben

Cover the festive table in purple and black!

Halloween Deko in Lila Festtisch in Lila und Schwarz gedeckt

Don’t forget to set up and decorate a festive table outside as well.

Halloween Deko in Lila im Garten ein runder Tisch mit weiser Decke festlich dekoriert

Luminous purple hats on the doorstep are sure to invite numerous guests to your spooky party.

Halloween Deko in Lila leuchtende lila Hute vor der Haustur

Let the scary party begin!

Halloween Deko in Lila gedeckter Beistelltisch in Blau lila Happchen Susigkeiten

Happy Halloween in purple!

Halloween Deko in Lila schwarzer Kranz Buchstaben lila Kurbisse mit Glitzer

Halloween Deko in Lila schick dekorierte Ecke mit Susigkeiten lila Totenkopf

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