Important Factors To Consider When Choosing A Crowd Control Barrier

From portable plastic ones to permanent metal fixtures, you can select from a broad range of barriers for controlling large gatherings of people. Each variety is unique with ergonomic considerations, helping people effectively manage small to large crowds.

Many types can be set up quickly, reducing time and cost of labor. For instance, consider the popular plastic variant of jersey barriers that can be placed wherever required by two to three people and can be filled with water or sand for added weight and pressure. They allow construction sites, museums, parking lots, and other places to cordon off restricted areas efficiently.

If you want to hire or purchase barriers, here is a concise list of the pivotal aspects one must consider before making a decision.


Choosing a proper barricade for an event or location is paramount if you want the product to work consistently.

For example, suppose you need the product for a museum or a gallery. In that case, you can consider a mini stanchion that seamlessly separates valuable artworks like sculptures and paintings from the onlookers. Conversely, a steel barricade is perfect for large political gatherings or sports events where there are chances of crowds going out of control.

So, determine the right type based on the event, the number of people you expect, the location, the surface area, and similar details.


A good barrier should be adaptable to the conditions, allowing the management to make modifications as necessary. It should have an interlocking system that enables the barricade to be extended if the event attendees cross the expected numbers or if there is a sudden change of venue.

Furthermore, the base of the fence should be stable, helping it stand steadily, even on uneven surfaces, without toppling over. Some excellent plastic models come with adapters that make it easy to interlock metal ones with the new plastic barriers.


Investing in plastic jersey barriers is among the wisest decisions event organizers can make because it is the most hassle-free variant to use. It is not as heavy as concrete or metal but provides the same practicality, portability, and protection.

Since most plastic models are made using high-quality polyethylene, they last longer and do not weaken or corrode due to rust, extreme heat, and termites.

Massive concrete variants are used on highways to stop collisions and keep traffic in line. Due to their increased visibility, they are used in different sizes in dangerous road intersections to warn the oncoming traffic of perilous turns or construction sites. Also, the installation is quick and easy, barely requiring two strong people to move the barricades in place and fill them with water for weight once they are in the position.

Quality, strength, and durability

Besides visibility, evaluating the quality of the product you buy is critical because it will allow you to use it for a long time. The greater the quality, the more excellent its strength and longevity. A reliable supplier can help you provide the best possible quality for your money.

So, find a reputable vendor who allows you to hire or purchase your desired barricade at wholesale prices, providing free shipping for specific purchases. Also, the dealers have a vast selection of barriers you can choose from, using immense industry expertise to provide you with the best products. You can browse their client list and product catalog to determine authenticity before purchasing.

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