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Impressive design wallpapers add that certain something to the interior

Do your four walls look a bit boring? Are you maybe looking for something special in the interior that expresses your lifestyle, taste and temperament well? Then you’ve come to the right place today! We show you impressive design wallpapers that are far from the standard. These works of art for the walls immediately turn into real eye-catchers and give your home a new face. What else you should know about design wallpaper and how to choose the best for your interior, you can find out below. Stick to it and let yourself be informed and inspired!

Elegant design wallpapers that fascinate!

Design wallpaper abstract motifs in gold shine very strikingly elegant stylish

What distinguishes the design wallpapers?

Wallpapers are not just wallpapers! The less design wallpapers are something common that you see on the walls every day. These are more like masterpieces that spring from the pen of well-known designers and artists and that turn their visions into reality on wallpaper. In the past, this elegant wallcovering was mainly seen in clubs and bars. Nowadays, design wallpapers enjoy enormous popularity and are used more and more in private apartments and houses, in business premises and offices. In most cases, these are non-woven wallpapers that stand out due to their extravagant motifs, colors and designs. But they always exude high elegance, first-class luxury and special charm. All of this makes them particularly popular and in demand!

Every design wallpaper has to be seen as an exclusive means of modern wall design.

Design wallpapers an eye-catcher in the living room with geometric patterns in various shades of brown

Without a doubt, the design wallpapers introduce a new aesthetic into your four walls. These definitely deviate greatly from old wall design rules and set new standards in modern rooms. Some models seem more calming and reserved, but most are eye-catching and very individual. They are always great highlights in any interior, not just in the living room, but also in the bedroom, home office or hallway. This also creates a special atmosphere in the room that is unique, individual and unmistakable.

With a design wallpaper the room gets a new trendy look.

Design wallpapers in light gray with elegant gold accents are very extravagant and beautiful

What do you have to pay attention to when choosing your design wallpaper?

Design wallpapers are masterpieces for the walls and turn into a real eye-catcher in every interior. If you are fashion conscious and think extravagantly, then choose design wallpaper for at least one room in the home. It is recommended that you consider the following when choosing them:

  • The colors the design wallpapers range from muted tones to stylish pastels to strong nuances. You can choose your mural in such a way that it is seamlessly inscribed in color into the interior. But most design wallpapers are made in rich shades, so that they can serve as a fancy background for the room interior. The pieces of furniture also come into their own in front of such wallcovering.

This design wallpaper in sun yellow immediately attracts everyone’s attention.

Design Tapeten in Sonnengelb interessantes design ausgefallener Hintergrund für weiße Polstermöbel

  • Even with the Motifs you are definitely spoiled for choice. Geometric shapes and reinterpreted retro designs predominate here. Fine structures in large format, wavy patterns and wallpapers with a stone or marble look are popular. There are also unusual models with a metallic shine that will leave no one indifferent. You like them immediately and want them, or you throw them off resolutely. What is certain, however, is that something can be found here for every taste and style.

The individual in the wallpaper design is capitalized here.

Design wallpapers in turquoise, light brown and gold, individual design capitalized

  • Is certain the individual design the special feature of the design wallpapers. Here the personal, unique and special is celebrated. As we have already emphasized, design wallpapers are an exclusive means of individual wall design. You can also find a wide range of impressive design wallpapers online, for example at Mowade.de. There you can configure your wallpaper individually in the design you want and order it according to your own dimensions, in a color selected by you and with motifs suitable for your interior. In this way you can transform a wall at home into a special highlight and give the room a stylish look.

Can you wish for something better, more expressive and extravagant for your own four walls? We think it would hardly be possible at all!

Everything is allowed, whatever you like!

Design wallpaper in beige with gold threads interesting motif unusual stylish

With a stylish and extravagant design wallpaper you can blow up all room dimensions!

Design wallpaper geometric shapes in purple blow the room dimensions

Isn’t that a visual statement …

Design wallpaper geometric shapes in different shades of blue make a visual statement

… that expresses your personality in the best possible way?

Design wallpaper unusual pattern in turquoise personal design

Design wallpapers to admire …

Design wallpaper small and larger circles in beige and grass green

Design wallpapers in gray with a marble look very impressively trendy individual

Design wallpaper wavy pattern in gray on a black background

Design wallpapers retro pattern in blue and white reinterpreted

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