In the test: Alclear insect remover: effective thanks to protein solvent

Especially in summer, a lot of insect remains collect on the front bumper and windshield of the vehicle. To remove these, we currently use the insect remover from the manufacturer Alcear.


Quick application for in between

To do this, we spray the affected parts generously and let the agent take effect for about three minutes. The composition of the product ensures a Detachment of protein residues, so that they can then be easily removed with a garden hose and cleaning cloth or, more simply, with a steam jet. If a steam jet is used, you should make sure to keep a sufficient distance from the vehicle (min. 30cm). Otherwise damage may occur.

Optionally also as an additive to the windscreen washer fluid

We also recommend the Alclear insect remover for the Use on motorcycles, which are also often littered with insect remains after extensive tours. It is important that with rinsed with plenty of water will. Otherwise, a milky-white residue will remain on the surface, which should be gone after the next rain, but of course will spoil the cleaning result. The manufacturer recommends the insect remover by the way also as an additive to windscreen washer fluid, so that the chitin residues do not even accumulate. After the application, we had a good view through the windshield again and the front apron was also easy to clean. Despite the recommendation as an additive to the windscreen washer fluid, we only recommend using the insect remover in places where proper disposal of the waste water is guaranteed, such as self-service wash bays. It is also useful to use the insect remover before cleaning in the car wash. This saves you having to wash off the cleaner manually, and the brushes also take care of the mechanical cleaning.

alclear test

Tip: Be sure to rinse well with water, otherwise streaks will appear.

In our test, the insect remover from Alclear (currently around €13 from Amazon) provided impeccable results thanks to its ease of use and good cleaning performance. The cleaner is made especially for use after longer motorcycle tours! We have already tested other insect removers (from Meguiars, Sonax and Michelin) in our insect remover comparison!

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