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In this way, you can design your open shelves in a practical way and with a particularly attractive aesthetic

The open shelves are one of the most controversial issues in kitchen furnishings. What do you think of these? If you have a negative attitude, the following examples may change it. Because our photo series shows some very aesthetically pleasing and at the same time practical looks.


Open shelves in the kitchen – yes or no?


Practical and attractive

Take a look at these: there is no trace of clutter or unnecessary items! In fact, they were just made invisible. Here’s the secret: when arranged appropriately, even these things look decorative.


The good arrangement makes all things appear decorative on the open shelves


Your kitchen utensils are always ready to hand

Plates, bowls, glasses and mugs that you always need should be easily accessible. If they look aesthetically pleasing, they can easily be positioned visibly. Arrange these so that together they make a beautiful picture. You can group the items by color, size and shape.

This exhibition of the dishes will, among other things, motivate you to keep them in the best possible condition.


The best rule here is: pair order and aesthetics

wooden open shelf

You can successfully mix dishes and food products

Mix dishes and eating products for an interesting look

You can keep both dishes and food products in one and the same shelf unit. You tell the viewer your own story about what style you like in the kitchen. This applies to all aspects of the kitchen – from the style of the furnishings to the taste of your dishes.


Set colored accents in the white kitchen


When designing the open shelving in the kitchen, you should aim for a practical sense. So you usually design everything automatically symmetrically and clearly. In a minimalist kitchen, that’s usually enough to make it look good.

Keep some cupboards handy for the not-so-great items

In most households, the combination of open and closed shelving turns out to be the best possible. This gives you the option of positioning aesthetically pleasing objects openly and hiding the “ugly” ones in cupboards.

Heavy objects also belong there. On the open shelves, there is too great a risk of them falling and injuring someone.

Approach it like an artist!

The open shelves only make sense if they bring you enjoyment. Avoid the stress. Keep everything simple, both in terms of arrangement and decoration. This can only consist of a few green details. Perhaps you use culinary herbs that you already use in the kitchen.


Ultimately, it should be practical and you should like it, right?

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