In what order do you write a résumé?

In what order do you write a résumé?

Important: With a tabular curriculum vitae, you should adhere to a clear chronological order. The order can be either chronological (starting with the most recent professional experience) or backwards chronological (starting with the most recent professional experience).

What should be in an application folder 2020?

The content of an application folder always consists of the following documents: Cover sheet, cover letter, tabular curriculum vitae, appendix (mostly certificates, proof of work, references)

What should and shouldn’t be on a résumé?

Gaps in the résumé are taboo. Your final grade and, if applicable, major should also be stated; Primary school visits, on the other hand, are of no interest to the personnel manager and do not belong in a résumé. The general rule is: as little information as possible, but as much as necessary.

What else can you write on your résumé?

What does it have to say? CVs are usually grouped into 4 to 7 areas, to which the relevant information is then assigned. The order may vary. Under miscellaneous, there can be times that require explanation, such as caring for relatives, traveling around the world or hobbies.

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