In what period or in what period?

In what period or in what period?

What is declension?SINGULARPLURALNOMINATIVEthe periodthe periodsGENITIVEthe period/periodthe periodsDATIVEthe period(s)the periodsACCUSATIVEthe periodthe periods

How long with accusative?

When the noun is used with the indefinite article as the numeral one, the indefinite article and the noun are in the accusative. How long did the journey take? – A whole day. How long have you been living in Germany?

what is the period

Period. meanings: [1] a delimited, closed, well-defined time.

What is the time span?

A time interval – also a time interval, a period of time, a span of time, a period of time, a time phase or a period of time – is a more or less extended part of time as a duration. A longer, unspecified period of time is also referred to as a considerable amount of time or a long while.

What does short time mean?

are due but not paid until a short time after the due date, they reduce the profit for the year at the end. So far so good. The problem here is the expression “short time”.

What does few days mean?

From a purely mathematical and grammatical point of view, this can be any number > 1 (i.e. at least two), but it is more commonly understood to mean at least 3 days. The term is also quite vague at the top, as a rule “a few days” is understood to mean a period of time

How long is after?

Equal = For me it is a period between 5-15 minutes. After = Definitely over an hour up to 3 hours!

How long is soon?

forthcoming · in the future · in the not too distant future · coming · ↗in the future · ↗next · ↗in the future ● soon main form · ↗one day switzerland. at an indefinite time · ↗once · at an indefinite time ● ↗sometime main form · ↗time coll.

How long is an equal?

Something is about to happen that is definitely not happening now. It’s a reprieve. Equal describes a short-term period of up to 15-20 minutes, often less, but never more. Because the postponement is mostly due to an obstacle or a definable waiting period.

How long is a moment?

Then the answer to the question ‘How long does a moment last? “: “About four to six seconds. ‘ This is the period of time when the eyes are continuously open. Then a blink follows.

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