In what time do you write a story?

In what time do you write a story?

As a rule, the narrative time in German is the simple past. While the action is narrated in the past, literal speech in narratives is usually written in the present tense.

What makes a good story?

Every good story arouses emotions Emotions can be aroused with words, images and sounds. The language can be active, striking, simple, graphic, varied, detailed and decorative. Music has a reinforcing, associative and binding effect.

What is so interesting about history?

The preoccupation with history should convey something to young people about their origin, the change and development of society, the possibilities of social coexistence and ultimately something about their own identity, so that they can make their own, free decisions in the future …

Why is story telling important?

Because: “Stories combine facts with emotions such as fun, excitement or amazement. The more detailed you paint out what you want to convey to others, the more power a story develops. ”Sigrid Hauer cites the annual balance sheet press conference as an example of the use of storytelling.

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