In which order does the application folder have to be?

In which order does the application folder have to be?

If you still decide in favor of the three-part application folder, all documents must be placed in the folder. On the far left is the cover sheet, in the middle is the cover letter and on the right is the CV and behind it the attachments.

What’s the first résumé or application?

CV: Your CV is attached in the middle of the application folder. The photo is in the top right of the resume if you don’t have a cover sheet. Note: You do not have to include a photo in your application! Certificates: The most recent school report comes first.

What are your goals in your studies?

A vision is an overarching goal for your studies. It is a motivating idea that takes you by the hand and guides you through difficult times. Your vision expresses where you want to be in the future; it gives the direction and it shows you what to do to be happy.

Why are you particularly suitable for this position?

“I am suitable for the position because I am resilient / able to work in a team / excellently trained.” “I know the industry well and that’s why you’re looking for me.” “My language skills go well with the international nature of the position.”

How to Answer Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you? good answer “Because I’m the best for the job! “” Because I am better than the others! “” Because you’ve already invited me for an interview, then I can’t be so bad! “” You have to know that yourself! Or am I the HR manager here? “

Why should we hire you samples?

Example: “You should hire me because I am good at organizing myself. “No matter how convincing the argument is. If your competitors have more to offer, you’re out. So it is better to present a mix of strengths, unique selling points, experiences and previous successes.

Why shouldn’t we set examples?

Example of a negative answer: “I have the weakness of not being able to speak well in front of an audience; I get nervous and quickly lose the thread. I know that this is important for the position, so I promise that I will work on myself. “

What strengths can you write in an application?

Strengths in the application – these are most frequently mentioned: experience abroad, teamwork skills, motivation, resilience, sense of responsibility, quick apprehension, punctuality, flexibility.

Why do you want to come to us?

With the question “Why are you applying to us? “Get in touch with you as an applicant and find out whether you have dealt sufficiently with the company and the advertised position. Your personal reasons for applying are also of particular interest.

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