In which tense do I write my bachelor thesis?

In which tense do I write my bachelor thesis?

Some advisors recommend writing the entire bachelor thesis in the present tense. This is the tense that expresses the present (cf. the information from the University of Giessen). In practice, however, this does not always make sense: Because some parts of the bachelor thesis refer to the past.

In what time do you write a description?

The tense of the description of the object is the present tense. An object description is factual. There is more here about the item description.

How do I write a description?

Write a description of the object Go from the general to the specific: Start with typical features and then describe special features. Keep a logical order: Use the present tense. Describe the subject matter-of-factly: Use appropriate adjectives:

How do you start with a process description?

The introduction The process description begins with a heading. In the heading, the reader is informed about the content of the process description. In addition, the process description is preceded by a list of the materials required. Pay attention to the size and quantity information in recipes.

In what time do you write a picture description?

The tenses for writing a picture description are the Simple Present and the Present Progressive. Regardless of the age of the picture, you describe it in a tense of the present.

How can you make image description?

The main part is the heart of the image description. Describe the picture elements here in a meaningful order. Start either from the overall picture into the detail or from the detail into the overall picture. Write in the present tense, descriptively and without interpretation.

How do you go about describing a picture?

Structure of a description of the picture Topic (What does the picture mainly show?) Type (painting, photography, drawing, etc.) Title of the picture, if known.Artist (Who created the work?) Picture source (Where does the picture hang, where is it printed; if known?) Date (When was the picture painted, printed, published?)

How do I do an image analysis?

The structure of an image analysis At the beginning of every image analysis there is an extensive image review. Look at the picture and note in note form what you notice. For example, you can record which motif is shown or which colors are used. Record your personal first impression.

How do you make a composition sketch?

To make a composition sketch, you need the picture and flat paper. If you don’t have flat paper at hand, you can also make a copy of the picture or use a normal sheet of printer paper (80 g / m²) to copy the picture in its ground plans.

How do I write a percept?

Percept. Write down: What do I see? What think. I? What am i feeling Interview. Formulate a short interview for two. with the person pictured. Diary entry. Make a diary entry for the person pictured. PICTURE CONSIDERATION: First impression. PICTURE CONSIDERATION: First impression. PICTURE VIEW:

What belongs in an image analysis?

Structure of image analysis: artist / author, title, period of creation, time of publication, current exhibition location, style (art epoch: e.g. baroque or impressionism), image format, image genre (landscape painting, portrait, history painting, genre painting, still life)

What is image analysis?

Image viewing or image analysis is understood to be a systematic examination in which the object to be examined, the image or

How do I write a picture comparison art?

How do I write a picture comparison? Description of one picture. Analysis & interpretation (always flow a little together) Final epoch-making classification. Description of the second image, analysis and interpretation. Find similarities and differences (comparison of epochs, comparison of artists)

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