In your opinion, what qualifications do you have for the apprenticeship?

In your opinion, what qualifications do you have for the apprenticeship?

In your opinion, what qualifications do they have for the job? On the one hand I am very sociable and I like dealing with people. I enjoy responding to them and finding out how I can help them with their purchasing decisions. I am also very patient and resilient.

Can you wear jeans to an interview?

The outfit is stylishly completed with a matching handkerchief. In the creative industry, men are also allowed to wear chic jeans with a classy sweater or a fine shirt. Applicants should demonstrate their hands-on ability when choosing attire for an interview.

What color shirt for an interview?

Our absolute favorite color for a job interview shirt is: navy blue! In color psychology, this color stands for trust, seriousness and serenity. Navy blue also exudes authority. We think this is ideal for the first impression.

What shoes for an interview?

✓ Simple: The fact that you come to the interview with sporty shoes is usually already enough to be casual in the interview. It is therefore best to use simple sneakers in black or white and without decorations or patterns.

Which colors for the job interview?

How the color of your clothes can improve your interview chances. In American companies, the color orange1 should be avoided, while yellow is well received in Japan. Choose black when you want to exude power and green when your goal is to appear calming.

Which blouse for an interview?

A white blouse is of course always suitable for a job interview. To spice up the look even more, we have combined these unusual lace-ups in shiny rosé and apricot: Casual and yet stylish – suitable for the creative industry.

Which shoes for a job interview woman?

You should rather wear sneakers, chucks or canvas shoes in your free time. For the job interview, it may well be slightly finer leather shoes. This shows that you are genuinely interested in the job and that you have thought about how you can come across as good.

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