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Innovative furniture with a second function as a bicycle stand

The bicycle is our favorite means of transport in the big city. It keeps us slim, helps us avoid traffic jams and is often parked directly at the entrance to the office building. The situation with the parking spaces in front of our apartment could not be that simple. Often only a parking facility is provided away from the busy street. This means fully occupied spaces, unsafe closing on the adjacent fence or prohibited parking on the sidewalk.

Furniture lowboard multifunctional bicycle storage

Cleverly designed furniture fulfills a second function as a bicycle stand

Don’t worry anymore because the solution to this problem has been discovered. Now you can not only store the bike at home protected against theft, but also include multifunctional, practical furniture. Discover more of these clever ideas in today’s article.

In a small living space, bike storage can be a real challenge. But the cleverly designed furniture by the Chilean designer Manuel Rossel comes to the rescue. Pieces of furniture that we need in everyday life have a second application and that is as trendy bike racks. Quite ordinary-looking sofas, bookshelves and sideboards have discreet cracks in their surfaces, in which the bicycle tires fit and allow an upright posture.

Modern living room cupboard, space-saving bike stand

Park your beloved vehicle safely in your own living room

Both the furniture design and the additional function could be described as modern art installations. The parked bike is surrounded by other personal items such as books, decorative items, music systems and much more. This creates a nice display that is not only practical, but looks just as good.

Innovative furniture desk bike mount

The bicycle above the desk as a creative design idea

Rossel goes on to explain his creations, he says that they should promote people’s mobility. In his opinion, cycling reduces the traffic load in large cities enormously and is an affordable option for everyone. The Chilean believes that parking bicycles in the living room should remind people to use them more often.

Bicycle upright posture living space functional furniture

Bicycle storage as part of modern wall design

In a small apartment without a storage room, equipped only with a bed, desk and bookshelf, one would like to put space-saving furniture there. In this way, you can overcome any obstacles related to bike storage. The wall bracket would of course be another alternative. But be honest: which of the two options do you find cooler and more creative?

Innovative furniture desk bike mount

Wall bracket is out, the new, innovative pieces of furniture are paving the way

Sofa design wooden frame square bike

The parking spaces for bicycles are extremely rare in the city, and people are constantly looking for interesting solutions

Park your bike safely in the living room

Modern sofa with a wooden frame keeps the bike discreetly

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