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Innovative light sources for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly lighting

For years, energy efficiency and environmental protection have been the most discussed topics in every modern society. We are all constantly striving to look for new sources of energy and to save as much as possible of the available resources in everyday life. As a result, certain products go off the market that consume a lot of energy and are therefore bad for the climate and the environment. In their place come innovative alternatives that save energy and are environmentally friendly. This tendency affects all areas of our life, but is very pronounced in terms of indoor and outdoor lighting. The incandescent lamps that are running out are replaced by modern light sources depending on their purpose and area of ​​application. The energy companies such as “Utility warehouse” recommended to install energy efficient light bulbs to save on energy bills. Thanks to the new technologies, innovative light sources are being developed and continuously improved. These are tailored to the needs of people and the environment and are considered to be the light sources of the future. In this article we want to focus on the advantages of modern lighting and give you clever tips for buying them.

Old lightbulbs are out, new energy-saving light sources are very popular.

Innovative Leuchtmittel stehen hoch im Trend Energie sparen die Umwelt schonen alte Glühbirnen sind passe

  • Innovative light sources are good for your electricity bill and are kind to the environment

Is your electricity consumption or are your electricity costs too high? Do you have to pay a lot of money for it every month? According to the Federal Environment Agency, the average annual consumption of a German two-person household in a single-family house is 3,000 kWh. Logically, you have to dig deep into your pocket for this. But that can easily change by switching to innovative light sources or LEDs and energy-saving lamps. It is not just the financial aspect that is decisive. These definitely use a lot less energy, so your annual electricity bills will drop significantly. In addition, CO2 emissions caused by electricity generation are reduced accordingly. This means that innovative light sources are energy efficient on the one hand, and environmentally friendly on the other. With modern lighting for indoors and outdoors, you can save money and at the same time protect the environment.

Switch to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly light sources!

Innovative Leuchtmittel hoch im Trend energieeffizient umweltfreundlich

  • What else do you have to consider when buying modern light sources?

It used to be easier for customers, they chose the light bulb based on its wattage. And now you are often spoiled for choice before deciding on certain innovative light sources. Often one asks oneself: what criteria do I have to use to choose these so that I am sure that I get the best for my needs? That is the question of all the questions that you absolutely have to answer for yourself before buying a new light source. Here are some smart, practical tips that you might find helpful:

  • First you need to do just that field of use Determine your desired modern lighting equipment. To do this, you can browse online in the Philips lamp shop. There you will find a wide range of energy-efficient light sources for indoors and outdoors. For example, from modern LEDs to energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes to metal halide lamps. Everything is on offer, in a modern design and at a very reasonable price. Regardless of whether you want to immerse your home or office in suitable light or are looking for energy-saving lighting for the garden, business or hotel rooms, you will definitely find it there!

Your modern home needs to be lit in an innovative way, doesn’t it?

Innovative Leuchtmittel modernes Wohnzimmer innovative Beleuchtung hell und gemütlich



  • Innovative light sources produce equivalent Luminosities like the old incandescent lamps, but in that they consume significantly less energy. That is your greatest asset!
  • They have different brightness and different Light color. When making your choice, you must also take these aspects into account, as they can have a major impact on our mood, improve our attention and concentration, and much more. It is best to get advice from experts in modern lighting.

We hope you are now well informed and can make the best decision about modern lighting. Reduce your electricity costs and live environmentally friendly! Our editorial team wishes you that.

Modern lighting in the office can stimulate your creativity.

Innovative Leuchtmittel moderne Beleuchtung im Büro fördert die Kreativität

Built-in LEDs in the kitchen have been a huge hit in recent years.

Innovative Leuchtmittel eingebaute LEDs in der Küche sehr trendig



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