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Inspiration tips for minimalist living room design

The minimalist living room differs through clear lines, elegant furniture design and a simple approach to decoration. But where is the individuality? How can we really feel at home in a minimalist living room? Everything starts with the right attitude: Do not see the characteristics of minimalism as a limitation, but as a broad framework in which you have a playground for creative furnishings.


Minimalism – the well-developed trend in interior design

living room furniture sofa minimalism

Minimalism starts in our heads

minimalism-in-the-living room

Less is more!

Minimalism is very different from room to room because we always have different requirements for it. Allow us to illustrate this by going into detail.

When it comes to furnishing your furniture, choose the right furniture

The first noteworthy factor in the minimalist living room decor is the present floor plan. Trace this on a piece of paper so that you have a clear idea of ​​its shape and the available dimensions.

On this basis, you can consider different options for furnishing furniture. These must take up a total of around a third of the area. In addition, the individual pieces of furniture must be adapted to one another in terms of their size. The width and height of the sofa should take up about a third of the wall behind it. The side or coffee table shouldn’t be too big or too small for the rest of the interior.

black-gray sofa

Gray is the new black and fits perfectly into a minimalist living room

Colors and textures

You should be extra careful with the colors and textures of the furniture. The first aspect should be particularly reserved and as full of character and meaningfulness as possible. Use the small details such as decorative pillows. They don’t have to have a noticeable shade, but they have to be characterized by shiny textures.

Matching floor and ceiling design


Restrained colors and furniture that is as meaningful as possible


Floor and ceiling design harmonize perfectly with each other

Floor and ceiling design correspond strongly with each other in a typical minimalist ambience. Since we partially forego color here, the surfaces in particular have to be as effective as possible. For example, we would use marble for the floor and choose a corresponding color for the ceiling.

Not everyone would do without a carpet in winter. Ultimately, we want to have warm feet! A carpet can also be part of the minimalist living room design. Better to use one and route it strategically. Laying many carpets together is rather unsuitable in this case.

Color design in a minimalist living room

living room designs minimalist couch

Light colors – white, gray and cream dominate in the minimalist room

minimalist living room design

A few bright accents are allowed, they immediately attract attention

The most commonly used colors for minimalist living room design are white, gray, cream and black. But that doesn’t mean that you have to do without bright accents entirely. A little red could be a great way to drive away boredom. The conspicuous colors should just not be too dominant and should be used widely. If you want to include more details in these, then they should be a little smaller in size.

Rely on your feelings. Sometimes you can bring color to a room with a matching rug. In other cases, a green plant is enough to warm the atmosphere.

In a minimalist space, you can also use works of art as decoration. The more abstract and reserved these are in terms of color, the better. But here, too, the exception sometimes applies: A picture can be a great source of great color accents.

The minimalist living room design leaves room for individual approaches. It’s not about strictly adhering to certain rules, but about creating a feeling of restraint. But for the design to be successful, there must not be a lack of meaning and character at all.

Works of art and small sculptures are the absolute eye-catchers

Works of art and small sculptures are the absolute eye-catchers


Bring an individual flair into your minimalist ambience

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