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Integrate antique style into your own home design

If you are a fan of shabby chic or country house style, then you certainly understand the media interest in the old, charming pieces of furniture that are lovingly pepped up. Antique chests of drawers, chairs and bed frames give every room an incomparable charm and tell us about bygone times.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a splendid, inherited piece of furniture like this dresser with ornate metal dresser handles. Otherwise, you make your way to the antique shop, where the furniture can cost a fair amount of money. By the way, flea and antique markets take place regularly. If you have the time and desire for antique objects, you are sure to find something beautiful.

Antique dresser changing table

Turn old dresser into a perfect changing table

Nowadays one has numerous pieces of furniture and home accessories that make their fashionable
Highlights only survive briefly in our apartments. Quantity instead of quality? Do you think that’s right? You would find it difficult to part with antique furniture made of solid wood, especially antiques from family property. The brilliantly designed furniture is also sustainable and environmentally friendly because it is recycled.

Hallway design antique sideboard country style

The antique cupboard stands out wonderfully against a neutral wall color

Do you see how a single piece of furniture can influence the overall look of the room? The antique secretary dominates the room furnishings. You can use it as a desk and additional storage space.

Antique secretary furniture solid wood

Carpet with luxurious ornaments and rich colors in the retro living room

If you want to mix trendy pieces of furniture with precious antiques in home design, then we congratulate you. The bold, eclectic furnishings showcase refined taste and adventurous combinations. Does this idea sound too daring? Then the antique furniture can be painted over with the respective color. The lively shape of the furniture is retained and constantly attracts attention.

Accessories antique hallway design eclectic

More than color contrast: top modern hallway design with antique chest of drawers

Bedroom furnishings classic antique closet

The sustainability of the material should not be underestimated

As you have convinced yourself, the antique furniture can be wonderfully presented. In addition to their robustness, they create a great cozy atmosphere with lots of charm.

Bathroom retro antique dresser

Fabulous contrast: modernity on the right, the look of bygone times on the left

Bed frame retro vintage bedroom

Many people would like to have such a precious piece of furniture

Dining room country style wooden table retro

In the spacious dining room, the antique table and wooden chairs unfold their full splendor

Bathroom country style bathroom shelf made of solid wood

Eye-catching antiques fit perfectly into a country-style bathroom

Home office retro solid wood desk leather

Study with a strong charisma

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