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Interesting lampshades for a cozy atmosphere at home

The choice of lampshades can also be diverse. Today we are going to introduce you to some exciting variants. These hand knitted lampshades are unexpected and will add a touch of uniqueness to your home design.

Where could you hang these knits? Depending on your preferences, you could use these as pendant lights or floor lamps.

You can find more design options in our picture gallery.

Knitted lampshade for the bedroom-Knitted lampshade

Knitted lampshade for the bedroom

Find the right place

The small individual pieces usually get their big appearance in the living room. Since they create a cozy atmosphere with their hand-made look, they would also look perfect in the withdrawn bedroom. Wouldn’t you like to place a knitted lampshade next to your favorite armchair in the reading corner? Or even by the fireplace, when you relax and soak up the warmth of the fire. With a glass of wine on the rustic side table and the floor lamp with a lovingly hand-knitted lampshade. While reading or simply looking at family photos, you would enjoy your break in a homely atmosphere.

Best suited as home accessories for the furnishing styles vintage or shabby chic, you could use the knitted lampshades according to your personal taste.

Integrate these cute knitted pieces into your home design for an engaging presence. Are you still hesitating? Let our photos convince you.

Wall lamp in the bedroom-Knitted lampshade

Wall lamp in the bedroom

Decoration ideas rustic home accessories-Knitted lampshade

Decoration ideas with rustic home accessories

Vintage orange red natural knitted lampshade

Vintage style – a mix of orange and red emphasizes the rustic character in the ambience

Pendant lamp colorful shabby chic knitted lampshade

Shabby chic style room with a blue eye-catcher!

modern decor garden-knitted lampshade

Rustic furniture in the garden

Wooden dressing table-Knitted lampshade

Wooden cosmetic table in a country house

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