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Interesting party ideas on how we can celebrate the 2016 Olympics together

The 2016 Olympic Games officially opened in Rio on August 5th. In the following 17 days it will be exciting not only for the best athletes in the world in Brazil, but also for millions of sports fans in front of the television at home. Great party ideas have been developed to make this big sporting event more interesting and enjoyable with friends and family. Today we want to show you some delicious temptations that will infect and fascinate you with the Olympic spirit. They are all themed of the Olympic Games!

Cookies like gold medals

Cookies like gold medals

Delicious cookies for young and old in the form of gold medals

They have a crispy crust and a very soft center, they are the perfect treat for the 2016 Rio Olympics! These delightful sugar cookies are baked in the form of Olympic medals. Each cookie is topped with a simple vanilla glaze, then sprinkled with sugar. The children will have fun decorating them with a ribbon and then wearing them around their necks, even while they watch the competition in their favorite sport on TV.

A colorful bag of popcorn

A colorful bag of popcorn

Do you also like to snack in front of the box?

It can never get boring in front of the TV! The sweet and salty popcorn is the best way to get rid of any bad mood. You can also make it colorful or in the colors of your national flag!

Garlands with the national flags of different countries participating in the Rio 2016 Olympics

Garlands with the national flags

Celebrate the sporting spirit of the best athletes in the world with suitable decorations at home!

When we’re talking about national flags, you can use the 2016 Rio Olympics as an occasion to teach your children something interesting. Arrange a flag corner on a free wall at home! You can make colorful garlands yourself with the flags of different countries and explain these state symbols to the little ones. These garlands look great on a child’s wall or in the living room!

Cranberry Spritzer – A drink for young and old

Cranberry spritzer with a dash of vodka?  Not a bad idea, is it?

Cranberry spritzer with a dash of vodka? Not a bad idea, is it?

Prepare delicious soft drinks that everyone will enjoy at your next garden party. A cranberry spritzer, for example, is a wonderful idea because the drink tastes just as good for adults and children. Oh yeah, you can add some vodka for the grown-ups! Nobody will mind, I mean. And you?

Laurel wreath adorns the head of sports fanatics!

Laurel wreath adorns the head of sports fanatics

A laurel wreath is the perfect headdress for all passionate sports fans!

Following the example of the traditional wreaths that we know from the games in ancient Greece, you can imitate this interesting version for your party guests. All you need is card stock, thick wire, and gold spray paint. Your friends will be pleasantly surprised!

Aromatic and tasty smoothies are a must at every summer party!

Table decorations and even the goodies could be the Olympic idea

All your table decorations and even the delicacies could be subordinate to the Olympic idea

The acai berry comes from Brazil. It’s not very popular in Europe yet. If you prepare delicious smoothies with acai berries, you will automatically make a very good impression. Even the bowl or bowl can be subordinate to the Rio 2016 Olympics. And to make it easy for everyone, you can arrange drinks and canapés, smoothies and cookies on a bar cart so that they are within easy reach. Your guests can help themselves in the August heat and you, as a housewife, take care of good conversation and interesting conversations.

We wish you lots of fun and many exciting moments at the 2016 Olympics in Rio!

Idea for handicraft activities with children

A good idea for handicrafts with children

Cakes and pies can of the Rio 2016 Olympics

Your cookies, cookies, cakes and tarts can be decorated according to the Rio 2016 Olympics

Party ideas as we do the 2016 Olympics

There is a lot of charm in the little things!

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