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Interior design ideas for brightening up the dark room

Do you want to light up a room that looks like a cave? Try the following tips: These work well for beginners as well as people who have had extensive experience with interior design.

Start with white

wande-weis-wise sofa

White makes every room look much wider and brighter.

You shouldn’t reach for the mirror right away if you want to make a room appear wider. Abundant finishing of the room in white can give a much better effect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be painting the walls. You can also cover the furniture and the floor with white textiles. And at Christmas you can use this color in abundance when decorating the Christmas tree. What about white candles?

Lights on the walls


Wall lights in combination with a large mirror definitely brighten the bathroom

In a generally dark room, even the strongest daylight cannot do anything against the gloomy mood. It will blind you, but the dark shadows will stay until ten and spoil your mood. A well-functioning solution here are the wall lights. They can be positioned on the walls and in the corners so that there is no trace of gloom left.

Consider various modern options, such as installing LED strips in the interior design and stay as flexible as possible with the room lighting.

Mystical appearance with blue and yellow


Blue and yellow create a special atmosphere in the room

The sky can also be bright at night. The golden stars really come into their own against the dark blue background. Transfer this effect to your home as well.

Emphasize the light with dark accents


Play with the contrast between light and dark

Often you need a bit of darkness so that the light and bright colors really come into their own. Design a room in white, but don’t forget to use bold black and dark brown accents.

Repair the broken light bodies

Do you have a lot of broken lamps and lightbulbs at home? In principle, this is not allowed, but it is almost fatal, especially in a dark room. Repair as many of them as possible and you will also keep the radiant effect you want in the interior design.

Textiles in bright colors

corridor stair wall clock

A runner in bright colors brings a cheerful note to the hallway

A dark room can also be brightened up by choosing a suitable rug. Therefore, choose it in bright and eye-catching colors. The same goes for the wall decoration.

Wood in brilliant colors

round table wood

This round table in warm wood color immediately transforms into an eye-catcher in the room

When it comes to wood, you have a wide range of finishes and surface treatments, and you should choose those that shine through in golden nuances. In connection with the light, this will lead to a feeling of brightness. In addition, your interior design will look particularly classy and this will also spice up the mood.

Find the visual balance

modern-bedroom-wise-bed linen

Look for the eternal contrast between white and black in the bedroom too and break it up with a little red

Too much light is not in itself a good solution for brightening up a dark living room. For our well-being we need a certain balance between brightness and shadow. You don’t feel comfortable in everyday life either when the night doesn’t arrive at all, do you?

The dark living room can feel mystical too, so you can view the natural features as an advantage too. The methods chosen for brightening a dark living room must be effective, but room characteristics must also be respected.

home office sofa desk

The visual balance creates comfort and serenity in a room

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