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Interior ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day on February 14th first became popular in England and is now considered the day of lovers in many countries around the world. February 14th is also the day of remembrance of St. Valentine in the Christian calendar. On this day the loved one is given flowers and small gifts, sometimes also poems.

The decor in your home must be beautiful and stylish on Valentine’s Day, in most cases with flower vases.

Table decoration with flowers on Valentine's Day-Valentine's Day interior decor

Table decoration with flowers on Valentine’s Day

Thus, a lot of tenderness is brought into the room. Roses are undoubtedly the classics and tulips are the second most popular cut flowers. The tulips express tender feelings of love. The darker their red color, the better.

Romantic heart shapes in frame

Heart shapes in frame Valentine's day interior decor

Heart shapes in frames bring an informal touch of romance to the ambience

Different sizes and colors of heart applications everywhere on the wall are particularly impressive. Later, you could replace some of them with photos of unforgettable moments.

Door wreath in the shape of a heart

Door wreath in the shape of a heart-Valentine's Day interior decor

Door wreath in the shape of a heart

Not only for Christmas do we decorate our outer door with a beautiful flower wreath. Valentine’s Day is also a great occasion for it! This beautiful wreath in red welcomes your neighbors and friends as they enter and gives your house an exquisite look.

Paper heart in the frame

Paper heart in the frame for the home office Valentine's Day interior decor

Paper heart in the frame for the home office

A particularly original idea even for your study.

Delicious surprise on the table

Table decoration with tulips-Valentine's day shabby chic interior decor

Table decoration with tulips

You could bake a candy in the shape of a heart. Say “I love you” with a treat or a homemade dessert!

DIY garland with heart shapes

Chic DIY garland-Valentine's Day interior decor

DIY garland – your self-made decoration expresses your individuality

Garland of small hearts-Valentine's Day interior decor

Garland of small hearts

Decoration with book leaves-Valentine's Day interior decor

Decoration with book leaves

A great idea for handicrafts! Are the children in your family also looking forward to Valentine’s Day? Together you could make this garland with small colorful hearts.

I love you – great message on poster

I love you poster for bedroom valentines day interior decor

I love you poster for the bedroom

Show your feelings and surprise your loved one with the poster “I love you”!

Heart shaped pillow case

Pillowcase with red heart-Valentine's Day interior decor textiles

Cushion cover with a red heart

A very nice idea especially for those who enjoy cozy and warm moments, especially in the cold season.

Heart application in the picture frame

Red heart over the fireplace console-Valentine's Day interior decor

Red heart over the mantelpiece

small red decorative items-Valentine's Day interior decor

small red decorative items

DIY heart shape made from wooden sticks- Valentine's Day interior decor

DIY heart shape made from wooden sticks

Romantic interior-Valentine's day interior decor

Romantic decor

Decoration for the living room-Valentine's Day interior decor

Decoration for the living room

A decorative gift idea that will remind you of the wonderful festival in the long term. Whenever you take a seat on your favorite armchair here in the living room, you will feel warmth and love.

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