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Interior styles 2017

Trends are finding their way into all possible areas of life: fashion, nutrition, fitness – and also living. Furniture, wallpaper and fabrics adapt to the times and tastes and are constantly changing. Trends from the USA or Scandinavia often come to Germany with a slight delay.

So if you want to stay up to date, you should look abroad. But which living trends are particularly popular in 2017, what should not be missing in a modern home and how do you still stand out from the crowd?

Nordischer Stil weiterhin beliebt

Simple, clear design: Nordic style continues to be popular

The Nordic living style is a trend that has been popular for a while and will continue to be modern in 2017. It is characterized by clear lines and minimalist designs and relies on bright colors.

Rustic items, such as old wooden furniture, are combined with reduced furnishings and thus skilfully staged. Textiles such as pillows, blankets and furs complete the Nordic picture.

Green thumb – plants are trendy

The “Urban Jungle” style is also still popular – in other words, bringing a small jungle into your own four walls. Lots of green in the form of succulents, cacti and other plants. That fits perfectly with the 2017 color trends: green, blue and gray tones are particularly in demand.

This complements well with filigree, metallic details, which will experience a high this year. So-called “hairpin legs” on furniture – that is, narrow legs made of metal – are symbolic of this trend.

Individuality despite trends – that’s how it works

The problem with trends is that a lot of people follow them. Often the individuality falls by the wayside. In order to give your apartment a personal touch between all the trend objects, you can use individually designed furniture. With a personalized wall unit, for example, you create a successful bridge between retro and modern.

And a cabinet with a timeless design can easily adapt to any trend – and it always remains unique.

There are various trends that are fun and inspire. Colors, fabrics and furniture can be designed in a modern way to bring a breath of fresh air into your own home.

With individually designed furniture or cherished pieces, you can bring your own personality into the apartment – and create a home in which you feel comfortable.


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