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Inviting happiness into the house: Feng Shui and the principles of color choice

Today we want to present you with a few colorful ideas for improving the flow of energy in the living room.

David Daniel Kennedy, the author of Feng Shui Tips for a better life, gives us substantial advice on the optimal flow of energy in the house. This contributes to positive changes in people’s perception of happiness. According to Kennedy, certain color combinations in the different rooms lead to this influencing effect.

How can the individual colors bring about our happiness in life?

The neutral colors such as white, silver and champagne make us self-confident and purposeful, especially in our interpersonal relationships. Too much of it, however, seems cold, this fact can have a negative effect on tight relationships. The white color has it all to balance the energies of the other colors.

Colors Effects White Purity Integrity

You should be careful with black, otherwise the color promotes a cloudy mood

The yellow and earth tones are highly valued when choosing colors. They bring more of the element earth with them and help create stable relationships. The earth tones discipline and help us gain more knowledge.

Feng Shui teaching harmonizing earth tones

Love nest with harmonizing earth tones for a good partnership

Energy flow space Feng Shui wellbeing brown

The brown color is best suited for the study, as it promotes objectivity

In the bedroom, the teaching on color choice for bed linen can be interpreted. For example, pink has a positive effect on introverted people, as it promotes communicative qualities. A splash of color would bring more tension in love affairs.

Room design color choice pink red bedclothes

Rosa has it all to strengthen the care and closeness at home

As is well known, green calms us down and replenishes us with life energy and vitality.

Outside, plants play of colors, pink and blue

The trees and green plants are a powerful source of life energy

The red color is seen as a particularly powerful tool in Feng Shui teaching. The bed linen in red can bring us wealth and strength, according to Kennedy. In small doses, the strong color ensures dynamic relationships, so it should be used sparingly.

Colors Auxiliary Bedding Red Feng Shui

Strong red arouses passion and lust for power

The blue color should be used very sparingly in the interior design. Dark blue objects are allowed, but should not dominate. Caution! A combination of black and blue in the bedroom could lead to personality blurring. Anthracite would be a suitable alternative to black. The economical placement of gray nuances, on the other hand, could make us single-minded.

Colors play a decisive role in living space blue

The light-dark contrast as in this living room has a positive effect on our lives

Yellow tones belong more in the kitchen than in the bedroom. The sunny color helps us to listen to our inner voice more often. Yellow invites creativity and hunger for new discoveries into our living space.

Energy flow to achieve optimal colors

Red and orange tones represent the element of fire and should be used carefully

The various colors and their application can be tools in all areas of life. The five elements in Feng Shui teaching correspond to the respective nuances: water (black), wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow) and metal (white). This ancient Chinese teaching is based on natural processes and their influencing effects. Used in the right combinations, they have powerful energetic and healing properties.

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