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Irreplaceable home accessories: stools & poufs

The stools and poufs have not only been used for sitting for a long time: they are actually all-rounders. Firstly, these home accessories ensure great seating for us. The second look shows that the little all-rounders can do a lot more. Chic designs are excellent, unusual and flexible, so that our interior has elements of strong character. In addition to sitting, the small pieces of furniture often serve as storage space for clothes, as side tables or bedside tables. Take a look at these examples:

Knitted pouf sheep wool handmade red

Hand-made knitted poufs offer a long service life

Seating furniture pouf knitted look sweater beige

Nicely knitted poufs give your home a cozy touch

Home accessories Knitted pouf, sitting, storage space

Clever combination of a beautiful look, comfort and functionality

Pouf pouf round light gray modern

Modern pouf in light gray is used in minimalist furnishing style

The cute pouf is extremely multifunctional. It is quickly noticed in any room furnishings and is one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture. As an alternative to a chair or armchair, the pouf is particularly effective in modern interiors. The colorful variety of these small home accessories offers the possibility of adaptation to any home design: the poufs are made in black, white, red, gray, etc. The shape of the accessory can be used as a storage space for any objects such as plants, books, magazines or cups.

Side table pouf, cowhide, rectangular

The cowhide look is always striking

Stool teak home furniture natural material

Teak stool with a slightly curved shape

Stool side table unusual geometric shape

Unusual designer side table with a meaningful geometric shape

In addition to the numerous colors, there are many materials and patterns. The practical poufs and stools can look elegant and classy with their leather look; for boho chic there are colorful, patterned variants; fur will match the country house style. So you can set an accent in the living room with a piece of furniture that saves space. The stools have many advantages: they are small and can be used in any living space. This home accessory can be placed in every imaginable room, even in the kitchen. There the stool would serve as a seat and, together with a folding table, would create a small dining area. This idea would also be suitable for the balcony.

Used look home accessories

The small stool with its used look is well received in modern living spaces

Designer stool butterfly shape wood

The artistic butterfly shape made of wood brings flexibility to home design

Modern living room ottoman green on a wooden frame

Chic interior design in cool colors

There is something for every taste: plain or patterned. The poufs and stools match every furnishing style. The furniture is also provided with easy-care textile. Get the small pieces of furniture in good quality so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

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