Is a cartoon a primary source?

Is a cartoon a primary source?

The caricature deserves special attention as a source, especially since it is a value judgment / assessment of an event or process. Linguistic Mon: chronicles, vitae, annals, memorial inscriptions, memoirs, diary entries intended for publication, commemorative documents for posterity.

How important is it to read?

# 1 Reading is healthy! Many studies show that reading books has positive effects on health. Reading, for example, reduces stress and helps you fall asleep. Regular reading and the absorption of new information optimally train the brain and memory.

What is the meaning of books for people?

Books take me to worlds that are better when I’m fed up with the real world. Books make sure that I can feel every feeling, joy, sadness, anger, fear, envy and maybe also love with great authors.Books give me hope in a good world with good people.

Why is reading better than television?

In contrast to passive television, in which everyone concentrates on the television for themselves, there is a social exchange when reading together. The brain is particularly active and, in cooperation with someone you trust, ensures positive links to the “act of reading”.

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