Is a college the same as a university?

Is a college the same as a university?

With bachelor’s and master’s degrees, there is no longer any difference between university and college, the degrees are valued equally.

Is the higher technical college a university?

Higher technical schools award HF diplomas in the relevant profession. The technical colleges and universities award degrees of the same level (Bachelor / Master). However, these differ both in the type of teaching and in the type of study.

What is better HF or FH?

The training at higher technical colleges HF and at technical colleges FH differ fundamentally. The differences relate in particular to the admission requirements, the type and level of education and training in social pedagogy has a higher practical relevance at the HF than at the FH.

What after HF degree?

Higher technical school for electrical engineering Technicians with a degree in electrical engineering are in demand for a wide range of technical problems. After graduation, you will take on tasks as a project or team leader in the electrical and mechanical engineering industry or in an IT or service company.

What is the difference between nursing specialist HF and FH?

Higher technical school (HF) – Fachhochschule (FH) Nursing specialist is a team job, regardless of the training path, in which you come into contact with many different people on a daily basis. The range of training and further education opportunities is wide. Professional care promotes and maintains health.

What do nurses do?

Nursing professionals look after and care for people in all areas of care (nursing, pediatric and elderly care). They also carry out medical orders, assist with medical measures, document patient data and participate in quality assurance.

What is HF care?

Nursing professionals care for, care for and support patients depending on the required care and individual needs. They make an important contribution to health promotion and quality assurance.

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