Is a compulsory internship an employment relationship?

Is a compulsory internship an employment relationship?

Internship is predominantly an employment relationship. An internship is almost always an employment relationship that is appropriately remunerated. Only if the purpose of the training is clearly in the foreground is it not a bogus internship.

Are you employed as an intern?

Basically, an internship counts as gainful employment. However, the following internships are not considered gainful employment, provided that their duration does not exceed 90 days in a period of twelve months: 1. Internships that were arranged by the Federal Employment Agency as holiday employment.

What is a mock internship?

If an already completed graduate of a relevant degree carries out an internship, which is only intended to serve as entry into the labor market, but is predominantly associated with the usual work tasks of employees, then it is a sham internship, which represents an employment relationship.

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