Is a dissertation citable?

Is a dissertation citable?

In general, it is advisable to only cite dissertations or doctoral theses. In Germany and Switzerland, dissertations are required to be published. This means that all dissertations must be published in a publishing house or an electronic database in a way that is worthy of citation.

Is a dissertation a monograph?

The dissertation is usually written as a monograph, which is a comprehensive, self-contained treatise on a research topic. The content of the dissertation is discussed with the supervisor.

Is a dissertation a study?

A dissertation (abbreviated dissertation), doctoral thesis, more rarely doctoral thesis, dissertation or doctoral thesis, officially also inaugural dissertation, inaugural or introductory dissertation, is a scientific work to achieve a doctorate at a scientific university with …

What does defense of the doctoral thesis mean?

The disputation is a scientific debate in which the doctoral student defends his or her work in most cases. However, the examination can also go beyond the topic of the dissertation. This defense is the most common form of examination in doctoral procedures today.

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