Is a Hauptschule leaving certificate with training the same as a Realschule leaving certificate?

Is a Hauptschule leaving certificate with training the same as a Realschule leaving certificate?

In Bavaria, for example, secondary school students can start from the 7th grade. Successful completion of vocational training can also bring you an intermediate school leaving certificate. In Bavaria this is called Quabi, in many other federal states this degree is known as the 9+3 model.

Can you repeat the high school diploma once you have it?

Catching up on the Realschule qualification: Prerequisites It is almost always possible to repeat or catch up on the Realschule qualification. After the end of the ninth or tenth grade at a Hauptschule, there is a waiting period of one year before the qualification can be made up on the second educational path.

Is it possible to do secondary school after leaving school?

Prerequisites: In order to catch up on the secondary school leaving certificate, a secondary school leaving certificate is required. It doesn’t matter whether you acquired it directly, i.e. at your old school, or through second chance education.

What happens if you fail to graduate from secondary school?

Your option for the secondary school certificate Either in the event that you did not obtain a secondary school certificate at the normal secondary school or have successfully completed a BVJ, you can aim for the basic vocational training year BGJ.

What happens if I fail the 10th grade?

Failed high school class? If you manage the 10th grade you automatically have the extended Realschule certificate and after the 9th

When did you not pass the secondary school leaving certificate?

You have failed the final exam if you have an overall grade of 6 in German. If you have an additional grade of 5 or 6 in addition to a grade of 6 or twice of a grade of 5, then you have also failed the final examination at the Realschule.

Do you have a secondary school certificate with a 5?

No secondary school certificate with two times “5” in the subjects German, English, mathematics. at “5” in a main subject plus two other subjects. on a “6” plus another “5”.

What grades for Lower Saxony secondary school?

You have achieved the secondary school leaving certificate if you get at least grade 4 (sufficient) in all subjects. You don’t even have to compensate for the grade 5 (poor) in just one subject and you still passed the secondary qualification I.

What average do you need for Realschule?

In the 5th class of the Realschule, an average grade of at least 2.0 is required in the 5th class of a public secondary school in the subjects German, English and mathematics.

In which subjects do you have to graduate from high school?

The final exam is written in the subjects German, English, business administration and accounting or mathematics. In addition, an oral examination must also be taken in English.

What kind of average do you need for the extended secondary school certificate?

These eight students shine in the core subjects with an average of 1.6 (an average of 2.3 is sufficient for the extended Realschule certificate) – in the other 13 subjects relevant to the certificate an average of 1.4 was even achieved (compared to one for the extended High school diploma required…

Can you study with an extended secondary school certificate?

Without a high school diploma, you can only study at certain universities and, above all, technical colleges if you have professional experience, but usually only certain subjects and after an entrance examination. You can only study with Realschule if you have a learned profession at the age of 3.

What grade point average do you need for high school?

Pupils with an average grade of 2.33 or better in the subjects German, mathematics and home and general studies are allowed to go to grammar school.

What is the difference between a qualified Realschule certificate and a Realschule certificate?

With a qualified or so-called extended Realschule qualification, school graduates are entitled to attend the upper level of the Gymnasium. The difference to a normal high school diploma is that a certain grade point average has to be achieved.

What is a real degree with qualification?

After the final exams at the end of the 10th grade, the extended vocational training qualification (corresponds to the extended secondary school leaving certificate), the technical college qualification (FOR; formerly Realschule qualification) and the technical college qualification with entitlements to attend the upper secondary school (FORQ) can be acquired.

What is a qualified secondary school certificate?

For this reason, some federal states distinguish between the ‘normal’ secondary school certificate – i.e. the regular leaving certificate after the tenth grade – and a ‘qualified’ certificate, the extended secondary certificate I, which only makes it possible to attend a secondary school.

What is the name of the secondary school leaving certificate?

The intermediate educational qualification has different designations in the different federal states of the Federal Republic of Germany: Realschule certificate (in some federal states), Fachoberschulreife (North Rhine-Westphalia and Brandenburg) Mittelreife (Baden-Württemberg and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania)

What is a secondary qualification 1?

Secondary level I defines the middle school education in Germany, it ranges from class 5 after attending elementary school to class 10 or 9 at secondary schools.

What degree is 10 class POS?

6 answers. Excerpt from Wikipedia: “Today, a POS leaving certificate is generally recognized as equivalent to a secondary school leaving certificate, a 9th grade POS leaving certificate is equivalent to a Hauptschule leaving certificate, as is an 8th grade leaving certificate.

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