Is a newspaper article a primary source?

Is a newspaper article a primary source?

These include: a) primary sources, which are documents such as contract texts, legal texts and the like, b) secondary sources, which are texts by scientists that describe, explain and interpret events, phenomena or processes, and c) newspaper articles or texts from other media (TV reports.

What is a tradition source?

In a traditional source, the author reports on the past and the present, whereby he already selects, evaluates or summarizes. Bernheim collectively calls the traditional sources “reports”.

Are books secondary sources?

Secondary literature is also known under the term ‘secondary sources’. Articles, books and documentaries presenting information on a subject, interpretations of art or literature, reviews and essays examining or interpreting a subject.

How old can sources for a bachelor thesis be?

if you are sure that the world is still round, then it doesn’t matter if the source is old. It can be of any age. It is only important that the information is correct and not out of date.

How many sources do you need for a bachelor thesis?

The number of pages of the scientific paper is taken as a guideline: A paper that contains approx. 40 pages should contain approx. 40 sources.

How many sources per page bachelor thesis?

There is no benchmark for how many sources should be included in a bachelor thesis. Some universities give an estimate of about 3-5 sources per page, but this can vary greatly depending on the course and topic of the bachelor thesis.

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