Is a signature required for an online application?

Is a signature required for an online application?

A signature in the (online) application is not legally required anyway. If you give false information about your qualifications and get the job, you have to expect a termination – whether the application is signed or not.

What has to be signed?

The Federal Court of Justice has stipulated in detail what a valid signature looks like: It must contain the full family name, the first name alone is not sufficient. The lettering must also clearly represent a name.

What is a legal signature?

However, the BGH sets a clear limit for a legally valid signature: hand signals that clarify at most one letter, as well as signatures with a sequence of letters that appear as a deliberate and intentional name abbreviation, do not constitute a formal signature.

How should I sign?

Write your signature down over and over to explore the possibilities …. Underline your signature to emphasize it. Turn the last letter of your name into an underline. Underline your signature with loops. Underline your signature with zigzag lines.

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