Is a signature required for an online application?

Is a signature required for an online application?

A signature in the (online) application is not legally required anyway. If you give false information about your qualifications and get the job, you have to expect a termination – whether the application is signed or not.

What colors resume?

The color of the basic font should always be black or a dark gray tone. This makes it easier to read, looks professional and does not deviate too much from the norm. The background color of the resume, i.e. the page color, should always be white.

Which color looks professional?

The more serious the intended effect, the more restrained the use of patterns and colors should be. Strong contrasts appear more competent, dominant and authoritarian than tone-on-tone color gradients. With blue, gray and anthracite you are on the safe side if you want to exude competence and seriousness.

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