Is a table of contents the same as a table of contents?

Is a table of contents the same as a table of contents?

A table of contents or summary is an overview of the essential content of a text or film. Common forms of table of contents are the table of contents, the abstract and other forms of documentary presentations. The table of contents is standardized in the DIN standard DIN 1426.

What is a structured synopsis?

Definition: A structured rendering of factual texts is a synopsis of an informative or opinion-expressing text, which, in addition to the content, captures and describes both the train of thought and the linguistic features of a text.

What is text rendering?

The reproduction of texts and parts of texts (text reproduction) is a form of speech reproduction. Just as you can play back a conversation, you can also play back a text.

How do I write a short synopsis?

When writing the table of contents, pay attention to the structure (introduction, main part, conclusion). Write your summary factually, precisely and in your own words. Limit your table of contents to the most important information and content. Use the present tense.

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