Is a translation a direct quote?

Is a translation a direct quote?

A literally translated source may be used as a literal quotation (i.e. with quotation marks). Sometimes it is not easy to translate verbatim. The alternative is indirect speech (without quotation marks, with subjunctive) or paraphrasing – your own summary based on the original.

How do I quote a translation?

A literally translated source may be written with quotation marks as a literal quotation. You will then refer in a footnote that you have done the translation. The original source can also be found there.

How do you list books in the bibliography?

The following components and the following order must be observed in a bibliography: Author / editors.Title (“Book title) Subtitle. Volume reference or edition (exception: 1st edition) Place of publication.Publisher. Year of publication.

What goes into a bibliography?

Sources and citations in academic texts Last name, first name. Editor (abbreviate with “Hrsg.”) Title, subtitle.Place of publication.Name of publisher.Year of publication (if there are several entries in the same year, add a – z; if not yet published: “in publication” )

How do you specify an image source?

If, on the other hand, you would like to quote a sculpture, a photograph or a picture, then enter the artist or photographer, the title, the year, the medium (for example: photography) and the location. If there is no indication of the year, you can enter “oJ” for no year.

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